Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Weekend and a Sale-To bat an eye about!

Fun weekend! It started with a Ridgway concert in the park with Feast, the Ah Haa Art auction , and then two days of Shakespeare in the Park!

The piece above by artist Robert Weatherford was perfect for The Passage To India theme of the auction. It was monsoon rain that night, chilly and wet! My girlfriends and I linked arms and ran through the rain, not sorry we weren't in Saris!

This stunning painting was part of the auction- I think it has a very rain-glazed aspens on a Colorado summer afternoon appeal.

Karen Weils is the artist behind this beautiful piece.

We hosted two delightful members of the No Holds Bard Shakespeare troupe at our house. They were the perfect guests, easy to please, casual, independent, and fun. What does this have to do with design you may be asking? Well I'll tell you. Dayna, one of the women who stayed at our house, brought to my attention the term " bargain bragger." Who knew there was the perfect term for me? I'm not a cheapskate or a skinflint, I just would prefer to pay below retail for the good stuff...and then BOAST! I share my tips-i.e- this blog for instance!
I mean what's better than a $478 Marc Jacobs Red Satchel? The same bag for $319 at the Nordstom sale, that's what!! On a side note, Dayna is an aesthetician by day. One of her specialties is lash extentions at Shapes Salon and Studio in Denver. So intriguing!!! Hers are gorgeous.

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