Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Amy Sedaris, Ladies and gentlemen! Have you seen her book "I like You" is all about her great art of entertaining.

My little Bluebird from this morning with some of her classmates. We used a crinoline from an old square dancing dress as wings.

Below we have gorgeous little Ava and as her mother said:

- it's a PBS Kids super hero who also likes to use "correct words."
It's a bit obscure but Ava said to me, "Mom, kids who watch
PBS Kids are gonna know who I am!"

She made the belt, cape and hat without the use of
a sewing machine!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Oh Martha! She is a wonder. She enjoys Halloween almost as much as I do. Tonight we're carving!! Will it be our presidential pick? Will it be one of my child's designs? (probably) Looking fwd to it. One little boy in the 1st grade carved a miniature pumpkin. It is fantastic. He even added a tiny candle! It's a little shriveled now- which only adds to its appeal!
I read an article about choosing not to be tacky during Halloween. They suggested having your guest dress in all black and giving them white boas upon arrival-YAWN!
Tacky is a pretty relative term. I love themes- this year the party will be Gothic wedding. Is a crime scene off theme? I'm still wondering about that...blood bath...bridal shower...I think I can make it work.
Love the acrylic "ghost" chair!
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Divided! Sharp lighting, sharp like a cactus! Hi and Lo!

HIGH $2,100
2 Modern has some amazing room dividers, and I have to admit I love them!! Instant architecture in a room, wall art, they divide work and play zones, add an element of privacy- what's not to love?

LOW! $250-$690 depending on size. This beauty also comes in other colors.

Inspiration: MEDIUM PRICE $485

This, too, comes in all kinds of great colors. I like the cherry. 2 Modern.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Inspiration, Ah haa,,,which way?

They almost float , don't they?

I love these objects from Z Gallery. Perfect on a shelf, a mantle, bureau, or anywhere you have room for rumination.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Talk about storage!

Honestly! Can you imagine? Well here it is! i was looking for interesting armoire's and came across SPACIFY. They even have outdoor furniture that turns into a giant golfball form...brainiacs!
I did find a handsome armoire....spacify is one of those websites that may take me several tries to fully unravel its magic!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seasons Change and Great Fabrics dye

Nature is the best inspiration- It can be literal or abstracted. Here are some fantastic samples from Duckcloth.

Just last month we were still picking fruit in Buena Vista, and looking at the spectacular blooms in my mom's friend Shannon's garden...Now there is frost on the ground and snow in the air and on top of the mountain peaks.
Thanks Dad, for some of the photos!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can you hear me Yelp?

These are so over the top fantastic...
but then you see the sole!

I would step in wet cement on purpose with these babies!
If they came in olive, red, all black, or burgandy I'd HAVE to own them. YUM.

Thanks Whitespace!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Accent with Translucency

These 10 inch vases are perfect for accenting bedrooms, baths, even living rooms, they add color, interest, texture, and sparkle. AND... they're on sale!
So crisp, so hotel chic!

These would be perfect next to the bed. Linens and Things is going out of sale and their decor dept is full of little gems like these.

They also have some killer deals in the kitchen dept.

This isn't from L and T. But it's a great modern plaid, I think. It would be better with more crisp lines but it can be worked into lots of "pillowscapes" add floral, geometric or botanical prints and poof, instant texture and interest.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ask KB FRIDAYS: Musings on the Mundane

ahhh..My Wolfy working on his milk.
(When I was young I thought "Wolfgang" was a perfect name for a boy child- then Valerie Bertinelli stole it! -sheesh good thing I had a girl.)

Above: Wolfgang Laib Pollen from Hazelnut, 1992 Pollen, 138" x 157-1/2" Collection of the artist Installation: Centre Pompidou, Paris 1992

I received an interesting question today...

What do you listen to when you blog and where do you get all
the obscure sites?

Inquiring Minds Want to know....
Dearest Questioning Cordyllia,
Let me tell you that right now, right this second I'm listening to the very sexy, the very moody Ray La Montagne. I found him recently and can't get enough...he's like Otis Redding meets Michael Bolton before he got all sell-outy, power ballady, cheesey.
He's mellow and "like, really deep, man."
A great story teller and a bit folksy.

Yesterday it was the fun, funny, and irresistible Ingrid Michaelson-her Be OK CD is fabarooski.
Her lyrics kill me.
About the obscure sites...I probably spend too much time surfing but I follow interesting links. That's all. Like today I followed Tonky Designs which was featured on Design sponge to Victoria Calabro to Derick Melander. I was intrigued by the everyday objects they used in thoughtful, interesting ways. I Love sculpture- especially larger than life stuff. The folded clothing wave piece changes according to light, your perspective, where you are positioned....

My all time favorite sculptor is an eccentric artist (ooh was that redundant?) named Wolfgang Laib. I visited his show at the Seattle Art Museum a while back and the aroma of beeswax was intoxicating. He painstakingly gathers pollens to create the most vivid, glowing works I have ever seen. He also works with milk, beeswax,'s an extraordinary play on scale and form.
This piece by Derick Melander reminds me of an abandoned house I visited in Montana. The locals refered to it as "Oscar's House." It has never left my memory. The contents of the deceased man's home have never been removed. The clothing he left, on pegs on the walls, was still plastered to the wallpaper by the wind and the rain. Tea cups were broken on the floor, the bureau drawers were warped and nested in by various critters, a calendar from 1955 was shredded and mouldered on the floor, the place was the most beautiful mess I have ever seen.

I took some photographs...I need to dig them up.
The above art is from Derick Melander .

What do they say? "Talking about artis like dancing about architecture."
I, actually, think Derick has some great things to say...

Artist's Statement:
I create large geometric configurations from carefully folded and
stacked second-hand clothing. These structures take the form of wedges,
columns and enclosures, typically weighing between five hundred pounds and one
ton. Many of these pieces directly interact with the surrounding
architecture and sometimes create discrete environments of their own.
clothing wears, fades, stains and stretches it becomes an intimate record of our
physical presence. It traces the edge of the body, defining the boundary
between the individual and the outside world.
The clothing used for
these works is folded to exact dimensions and categorized by various
criteria. For example, the order can relate to the way we layer the
clothing we wear or the clothing can be sorted by color, gender or
demographic. sculptural components are sometimes connected together with
shirt sleeves, pant legs and belts to form bridge-like appendages.
For me,
the process of folding and stacking the individual garments adds a layer of
meaning to the work. When I come across a dress with a hand-sewn repair,
or a coat with a name written inside the collar, the work starts to feel like a
collective portrait. As the layers of clothing accumulate, the individual
garments are compressed into a single mass, a symbolic gesture that explores the
conflicted space between society and the individual.

This one (below) is his too:
Love the positive and negative space...

The footsie below is the work of Victoria Calabro
I love the spirit and the execution.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey, Hay is for horses...and great design.

These are called Plopp- by Hay!

Dream Catcher Therapy Center and Horse Sanctuary in Olathe, Colorado is an inspirational place- to put it mildly- might mildly.

Kathy Hamm and her husband have really built something amazing here. It's beautiful, clean, teeming with lovable animals. there is even a 3 legged dog that will steal your heart.

I don't consider myself an animal person... but I got so choked up being around such a compassionate and loving operation. They have brought animals back from the brink of starvation and neglect and have made it possible for their mentally and physically challenged clients to thrive to make deep connection with the horses and great strides in their healing!

Kathy we salute you!
The beautiful Ranch.

Petting the bunnies.
Giving the pooch a Popsicle.
As you can see they are dressed in their farm clothes!
Free range hens!

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