Monday, September 29, 2008

Ahhh thweet "Barthelona"

Saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona recently.
WOW! Best movie I've seen in a long, long time! We were searching for a fun movie to see with friends and I knew it sounded vaguely familiar...
What I forgot about was that it was a Woody Allen movie. I have to admit he's not my favorite ...his personal life and personality tend to overshadow his work and cloud my perspective of his films. When My girlfriend found out what we were seeing she and her husband hid the fact until it was over. Clever I thought. There we were on the street gushing about how fabulous the film was when it slipped out! AHHHh -that is friendship though! She knew it would have possibly ruined it for me. I'm so glad she didn't say anything. We're both over the moon about Barcelona...we could live there in a heart beat. The scenes were beautifully lit and the interiors were delicious. Nothing to be critical about...I mightv flawless...there I said it. I LOVED a Woddy Allen film.

Mr. "you know who"
talking to the very beautiful cast...Love the wall treatment.

Ahh that Penelope...she's amazing and Javier...well say no more ladies. He had me at "hola".

These are a few pics of the fam in Barcelona from a few years ago.
Sophia loved the street performers.

Mmmmm...the markets, the Churches, the art and architecture, the food, the climate, the language, the night life, what's not to love?

This shot was right outside an amazing candy shop. the stained glass peacock was amazing. Art Nouveau every where!
Scott stopped at all the bakeries. I stopped at way too many irresistible candy shoppes. The presentation was completely over the top. At one point my usually patient-as -a-saint husband found the endless wrapping and embellishing of the wrapping to be too much...he knew the chocolates would be consumed as soon as we left the shoppe. He was pretty sure it didn't need to be fit for an empress....but he was wrong, so, so wrong -scroll down...

Our sweet and sweaty little empress.

I had a Tide To Go incident. A pigeon deposited an emerald green gift upon my lapel...good thing my mom had some stain remover handy- worked like a dream....I really need to look into paid spokespersonship....
I rarely look like P when I ride my bicycle...hmmm maybe I should reconcider my outfits. I'm sure that would do the trick.

Architectural Artifacts Favorite Finds and Deals!

Look at this intact art deco bar!
Oh Boy did I discover a treasure trove of good deals!
Architectural Artifacts in Chicago! Their online site is fantastic, and as I was looking around I found this:
Have a look at our website for examples of these terrific items, but remember:
only a small fraction of our massive inventory is online, so please contact us
if you don't see what you're looking for -- we're sure to have something special
to meet your needs.

For those paying close attention: As a special
bonus, simply mention this email and receive 20%-off of your purchase (in-store
or via our website) made within the next 10 days (September 19-28) -- What
better way to give the economy a boost and satisfy your own desire at the same

This piece is the epitome of great modern /antique pairing. It would look great a sofa back table, an entry table, a buffet, even a bathroom vanity for a guest bath. Drill a hole in the top for plumbing, plop a vessel sink on top and shabam! Instant cool.

These pony chairs are so fantastic my hair is on end with enthusiasm.

Industrial, yes, but with the right accessories we could warm it up in a snap!

This gate-makes ya want to slap yer mama- am I right?

Sorry Mom, but look at the detail, fantastico, no?
I think they found this in Argentina.

Love me some folk art!

So handsome!

Bright idea ,no?

Build me a sun room- this is the inspiration piece for the whole room!

Friday, September 26, 2008

ASK KB FRIDAYS: Home Economics

Foxy Ladies would frame this in a giant frame with a large white mat! So sexy!
HELP ME PLEASE! I saw some pics of your office. I want to dedicate part of my house to an office but I don't want to spend a fortune, can it be done? I like the clean , modern look you did. I love orange by the way.

Desperate in Denver


I hear you my uptown friend. Thank you for the great pics by the way. You absolutely don't have to spend to fortune. Here are a few basics. Do you like this lovely painting by this Etsy Parisian artist? It's called...


Also the above desk lamp pic is from West elm. It's affordable, unexpected, and really pretty. Ya?
If you want a lok of cohesion. Use all one metal finish like the polished nickel of the lamp. Target is having a ridiculous- free shipping sale right now. This desk is a steal!

They call this little number

-gotta love that! The bookcase, also from Target, can be used on it's side or standing vertical. Perfect to separate your space or use in a small narrow corner such as yours.

You like orange, huh? How 'bout this little beauty? It's called the London Orange office chair from my favorite bargain central Overstock.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Torrid Affair

My heart skips a beat, I'm breathless, my legs are shaky. I have all the symptoms. I freely admit it.
I am in love with Autumn!
I had a meeting free, appointment free, deadline free morning and I hiked up Bear Creek trail. Ahhhh
This blog is all about inspiration and the colors this morning were RIDICULOUS! Talk about a carpet of leaves...

This rug, although a bit tropical, represents the beautiful contrasting colors. the deep red earth, the lime of fading summer and the gold of aspen. Stunning.

Love this one! Muy Romantica! It's called Nirvana. It comes in all sorts of great sizes.

For the modern palette I found this at Shaver Ramsey. The top two are from Shaver Ramsey as well. They have a showroom in Denver.
I wanted to lie down this morning, right on the trail and cover my self in all the fall glory-sort-of.
Then I just started imaging different paint color combinations. Any of these rugs would make a fine starting place for a whole room color scheme. MMMmmm.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wonders of the West and Walking Words

Driving to Telluride 5 days a week is a pleasure. Right now, watching the leaves change, wondering if there will be a dusting of snow waiting on the mountains, gliding up the aspen laced highway, it gives me time to breathe and reflect. Ahhhh

Dallas Divide can be treacherous but on most days it is spectacular.
Every year I attend Walking Words, usually with a gaggle of girlfriends.
It is put on Telluride Writers Guild. It's a progressive dinner with poets, fiction, and non-fiction writer's and great food. It is one of my favorite events!
This year Stewart Warren is the featured poet.
I am positively giddy.
I really love his stuff. He's a Colorado writer who I have had the pleasure of meeting several times. He can always be counted on for a fresh and unique perspective. His images are grounded in the grit of the small western towns we both know and love, all the while elevating rural life into universal truth and beauty in a mad poetic pop.

Reading "Raw" from Second Light sends a soul pang that is an addictive ache...I wanted more.
"Swarm" also from Second Light left a particular mark as well.
In Shape of a Hill "The color of flags" haunts me like my own western childhood. It's a love letter to life with out a trace of sentimentality. How does he do that?

This was the depot before Ah haa (and other's- like restaurants)
began using it as an arts center.
Stewart and the other writer's will teach workshops here on Saturday.

The Ah Haa building now.

In an email from my friend and former Walking Words coordinator Rosemerry Trommer:
October 10 & 11
Walking Words
Telluride, Colorado
Hungry? Walking Words feeds both your tummy and your creative spirit. The annual event begins with a progressive literary dinner from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, October 10. The evening features appetizers, entrée and dessert at three restaurants, each served with a reading of either poetry, non-fiction or fiction. This year's featured writers are poet Stewart Warren, non-fiction writer Greer Cheser and fiction writer Tekla Miller . A cash bar is available at all three locations. Cost for the evening, including tax and tip, is $50. Only 32 seats are available, and the event sells out every year.

Saturday, October 11, is devoted to short workshops in poetry, non-fiction and fiction held at the Ah Haa School in the old Depot. Each workshop costs $20 and is limited to 12 people. From 9 to 11:30 a.m. will be a fiction workshop. From 12:30 to 3 p.m. will be a poetry workshop, and from 3:30 to 6 p.m. will be a nonfiction workshop. No materials (except pen and paper) or previous writing experience are necessary. Books by the authors will be available for sale at all events.

To register for this weekend’s events, call the Ah Haa School at 970-728-3886. For more information, contact Writers Guild Director Amy Cannon at 970-728-6467. This program is made possible, in part, by a grant from CCAASE.

Amy CannonDirector, Telluride Writers Guild335 West Galena AveP.O. Box 4015Telluride, CO 81435(970)728-6467