Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mad about the Set, The Costumes, The Writing...!

I am a Mad Men fan! Anyone remember the Eva Ziesel post? I love the sheer eye candy of every period perfect scene! I was glued to the DVR on Sunday night watching every scene- rewinding others, gasping at a few. Scott asked me if Jackie Kennedy really spoke like that...I wonder what she was like with her girlfriends in college? Certainly not 1/2 that poised. I was mesmerized. What an icon.

I loved the opening of Joan and her red dress, the pink sea horses on the wall...and the scene where Betty is at the stables- the braid in her hair is -call me a female drag queen for gushing- but it really is breath-taking.

The mid-century modern office furniture is spectacular. The literary references are brilliant. Such a smart show. I have no shame in my addiction-none.


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! The best show ever, since SATC, anyway. I am as in love with it as you are, thanks for posting. Oh, and I nearly fainted with glee when in one scene I saw the exact EZ pitcher that is now sitting on my windowsill! This show reinstates my faith in television. The writing is breath-taking. I was crying shamelessly in the last episode of the first season, when Don Draper is revealing his ad campaign for the Carousel slide viewer. Wow!

Anonymous said...

There is a link on Amc i believe that shows the whole crousel presentation- pure magic1 i got weepy too!!