Friday, August 29, 2008

More fab Friday: white to balance the black

Couldn't resist posting these beauties from Moth Design-even though I should be getting ready for an event.... I'm going...really

Fab Friday

I found an amazing new web site called interieurs! It's where I found this wave bench perfect for all kinds of tushies!

love this cashmere throw

This lamp is so mod meets medieval, right?

This lamp is from the Jason collection at interiuers. Gotta love those industrial boys.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Guess this berry and love that blurb

Mystery berry...identify it and I'll send you some home-made spicy plum jam! I'd really like to know what it is. The berries were about the size of small grapes.

idle hands
Sand and water creations
By Lenny pierrelenfes

I have been meaning to get a book together using blurb . Soon, soon!

Until then there is some great talent in the bookstore. I love the preview of this little treasure.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few of my favorite things...


It's haying time in Ouray County. Love it- although my Claritin intake has doubled!
Tried out a new camera and soon destroyed had great features but broke like a cheap Mc Donaldland toy.
Scott and I got to take a little hike around Telluride on Sunday- We rarely ever go together just the two of us. He was patient with my arnica shopping and flower and fauna photography, he even patiently endured my rose-hip collecting. Aah Romance! We ended the day at my favorite restaurant, Cosmopolitan.

What could be more inspiring than all the bounties of late summer, flowers and vegetables from our Farmer's market, stunning mountain views, good-old country roads and the love of your family?

As a true modern girl, who loves the rural life I think that hay in a patterned field is amazingly edgy. One of these days, I will take that perfect hay field shot- by gum!
More hiking today- the mushroom class we signed up for had scheduling challenges so today it's hiking, lunch, and christening the new office with my fabulous girlfriends!

Chanpagne at lunch-why not?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sticks and Stones, Let Them Eat Cake!

It's back to school time. Online school shopping mostly. I think I'm the one who needs to shop little girl informed me that if I would only wear skirts and dresses more often we'd never have a bad morning (she was referring to her less than stellar behavior from earlier in the day) she PROMISED.
It's tempting. Very tempting.

We recieved a catalog in the mail this week that was over the top!

Chasing Fireflies is a Seattle company that specializes in cute- crazy cute. The twig alphabet is especially fun. The costumes are ridiculous- and I mean that in a good way- not in the "I'll buy it right this instant way", but in a "hey- I could copy that" way. The toadstool table and chairs tickles my fancy in the most fungus way! Can you imagine? Makes me want a retail shop selling only whimisical, fanciful and imaginative kid/kid at heart furniture. Then I remeber I swore off retail eons ago!

For the ultra modern firefly catcher- when serious deskwork calls.

My little girl needs indoor slippers for school- guess who saw these and deemed them perfect?- yes, and she agreed.
I realize I have created a monster...perhaps similar to the one's how she sees herself I'm sure.
My eyeballs rolled to the back of my head when I saw little Marie Antoinette. That hair! She certainly is a spectacle! Reminds me of the film by Sofia Coppola. A friend of mine saw it and complained about the dialogue. "There was dialogue?" I asked, somewhat shocked. I only saw fabulous shoes, scenes that looked wonderfully edible- like cake and French macaroons, and costumes...and there was that fantastic music...dialogue, really? hmm.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sneakity snookity peakarino

Before a big make-over! I had to redo the floors. We had left-over bamboo- so voila! Instant transformation! Also adding Sophia's loft was priceless. She loves it!

Without the loft!

Now! Almost complete, my sweet little officina!
Love the chairs- if they all matched I think it would look- gasp- too corporate.
Remember the pillows?
These ottomans pull-out to become aux-seating- or ox seating if ya need to - maybe a baby ox they are sturdy up to 300 pounds!

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Ch, ch, changes!

This is why I love Ridgway! Wait 2 minutes and the alpenglow transforms the view out of my dining room window into a light show!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

It's a small Cyber World

I just ordered these for my daughter's room. Poor thing still has framed nursery rhymes as the focal point of her room- that and wild teal, lime, rose, white and raspberry stripes. Apparently pink is no longer her favorite color- I need a new palette.

While I was looking at the giveaway project on pikaland this morning I discovered What Katie Does .

I also saw these lovelies by Milady Productions. Stephanie is local, lives right here in my little town! After we met, we found out we had Seattle in common! She is a very talented artist. Strange bumping into her in Pika Land!

Plant these!Round Robin Press which is a great site

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nick Knows!

DAM paintings by Clyfford Still.

Remember my post about Domo in Denver? My Friend Nick had turned us on to it's charms. I mentioned a little article he was doing for Time Out Chicago. Here it is, printed in it's entirety!

Denver, CO
Head to the Rockies for culture, beer, and this week, Democrats.
By Nick Sustana

Could there be a better place for this year’s Democratic Convention than Denver? It’s young! It’s progressive! It’s environmentally aware! And it’s a former cow town, so residents are used to the place occasionally reeking of manure. But whether you come to Denver for the convention this week or just to take in the Rocky Mountain vibe, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied.

Before strolling around downtown, check into the ultracampy Curtis Hotel (1405 Curtis St, 303-571-0300, rooms start at $139). If you’ve ever longed for a hotel with Slinky/Darth Vader/Vanilla Ice decor and Austin Powers wake-up calls (who hasn’t?), this is your place. Included with the kitsch are spacious rooms with modern perks like flat-screen TVs and iPod speaker systems.
When you’ve had enough pop culture, go enjoy some actual culture in the Daniel Libeskind–designed Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum (pictured above left, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, 720-865-5000). Designed to mimic the peaks and crags of the Rocky Mountains, the Hamilton Building is as visually stimulating as much of the art it contains.

A few blocks over is the Colorado History Museum (1300 Broadway, 303-866-3682). Check out the photos and biographies of Colorado’s more unusual characters, like Alfred Packer, the notorious cannibal who ate five men after getting caught in a blizzard during an 1874 expedition. (Conventioneers beware: All five men were Democrats.) Fans of suffragettes and sinking ships will enjoy the Molly Brown House Museum (pictured right, 1340 Pennsylvania St, 303-832-4092). “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” was a famous Denver social activist made even more famous after surviving the Titanic.
Ready for lunch? Go Italian at Osteria Marco (1453 Larimer St, 303-534-5855). Enjoy a platter of housemade cheeses and house-cured meats before tearing into a hand-tossed wild mushroom and Robiola pizza.
For shopping, skip the Museum of Corporate Conglomerate Junk that is the 16th Street Mall and instead walk over to Rockmount Ranch Wear (1626 Wazee St, 800-776-2566), home of the original western snap shirt. Rockmount devotees include Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen and scores of Hollywood A-listers. As a side note, 107-year-old founder and CEO Jack Weil worked at the store daily up until he passed away last week.
If your tastes lean more “urban” than “cowboy,” check out the shops just east of downtown along Colfax Avenue. The neighborhood is seedy enough to make you feel cool and alternative, but not so seedy that you’ll be pummeled by thugs. Two blocks away, Wax Trax (638 E 13th Ave, 303-831-7246) serves up a healthy dose of obscure CDs and 45s. Soul Haus Menswear (226 E 13th Ave, 303-830-7685) offers affordable apparel for goths, skate rats and even plain old hipsters.
A five-minute cab ride puts you at South Pearl Street, a more upscale shopping area tucked into a charming residential neighborhood. The 5 Green Boxes (1705 S Pearl St, 303-282-5481) overflows with quirky housewares and gifts. Save the planet and look good doing it with the ecofriendly and fashion-conscious clothing at Unity (1455 S Pearl St, 720-570-5076). Hit Gaia Bistro (1551 S Pearl St, 303-777-5699) for a tasty ancho-loganberry barbecue duck sandwich or fresh crêpe if you need a bite to eat.
When dinner hour calls, Potager (1109 Ogden St, 303-832-5788) answers with locally grown, seasonal ingredients prepared in outstanding dishes like its smoked quail salad. For an authentic taste of Japan, try Domo (1365 Osage St, 303-595-3666). Traditional country dishes, sprawling gardens and an accompanying museum of Japanese folk art make this one of the most intriguing restaurants in Colorado. (Fair warning: The chef is an artiste. Your request for soy sauce may result in a five-minute lecture.)
Denver brews more beer than any other city in the country, so it’s no surprise the bar scene is jumping—almost to the point that you’ll contemplate staging an intervention for the entire city. Watering holes abound in the LoDo District just blocks from the Curtis. Grab a frosty Obamanator Maibock Lager (or three) at the Wynkoop Brewery (1634 18th St, 303-297-2700) then head to the living room–size El Chapultepec (1962 Market St, 303-295-9126) for cold beer, sketchy Mexican food and arguably the best jazz in Colorado. Wind down your evening at the refined, yet relaxed Cruise Room (in the Oxford Hotel, 1600 17th St, 303-825-1107). The bartenders pour stiff cocktails and regale you with stories about the bar’s history, such as the fact it opened the day after Prohibition was repealed in 1933.
After a few days, you’ll appreciate Denver’s transformation from a rugged old western town to an up-and-coming urban hub. And no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, that’s change you can believe in.
THE TABTwo nights, two peopleAirfare $476*+ Lodging $278 + Meals $200TOTAL $954

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So sweet, Wacky Wednesday post

I have had many a drive way moment with this American Life on it's in cyber space...I just want to go to bed but alas, I am staying up way too late watching some interesting online videos. The 2 design posts were not working so I starting roaming.
Wish I could embed the following but check out Bent Objects ( the video) and Long Awkward Pose. You will laugh. Guaranteed.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Violet the Bag Lady

Last Christmas I gave these to 3 very different ladies on my list and all three of them have loved them! They were 5 different black and white patterns but now I see Violet is doing them in these very hip colors! Perhaps I need to find three more bag ladies! is the fabulous little website where I found these amazing bags.
Honestly, I have seen more than one bag boy's eyes bug out when he sees me whip out my five, count 'em 5, little bitty rolled up bags from my ever-so lady like purse. WHAM, when I unfurl their glorious copiousness and stuff in 2 weeks worth of groceries those boys have been known to light up with awe and amazement! Chic, eco and shocking- what more do you want?

I love these cups even thought they are sporting a big 'ol girly heart on them. The best part is that they are listed under the category "29 Again" This, I can relate to!
Simple, elegant, black and white! Letter Press too!

These sexy little "indelible nature sets" really need to grace my next party! They would be the perfect party guests, eco- friendly, maybe a bit stiff but fun to talk about...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hanked and Panked?

Ebay has this reproduction womb chair with its matching ottoman, also known as No. 70, which was designed in 1948, by Architect and Designer Eero Saarinen.

Love this. Sundays episode wasn't as rich with set design- or at least mid - century modern pieces, but the dialogue was snappy and the interiors shots, though stuffy were probably accurate. Love the lighting!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Funny Bone Found in Perfectly Roasted Game Hen

From her blog!

Alexis (what ever with the drag queen make-up)

Tiffany "bars" oh, if only.

I have been a Martha fan for years. I actually have an archive of her mags going back to 1995. And in true Martha form they are displayed in magazine holders and in order from month. (OK most of them) Back off! I use them for research and reference.

Martha is a superhero. Let's face it, her blood is redder than the average American. She is amazing and has built a huge multimedia extravaganza. She was born working class and rose to financial feats that stagger the imagination. She may not be madly modern but she is original. She is an icon! I realize not everyone shares this opinion.
Even her beloved daughter rolls her eyes occasionally. Hence, "Whatever Martha" was born. The NY Times wrote a fabulous article about vintage Martha Stewart Living shows being rebroadcast with snarky, funny, witty commentary made by her daughter Alexis and friend. Martha approves. SHE HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE! It has been my mission for the past 13 years to defend that dame, and by Zeus I will continue! Aah it's exhausting- the prison stint almost sent me over the edge. I should have sent her cake with a Tiffany file baked in!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bassam Park a New High

Michael Merideth took this great shot in Bassam park. I marvel now at the fact that I grew up here! This is where "woodsies* took place when we were in high school. I soooooo took it for granted then.

Now I notice the medicinal plants, the dragonflies playing by the Beaver ponds, the stillness, the achingly beautiful colors of lichen against pine. I went off by myself to hike through the fields and climb some of the hills. The old fallen trees were such a striking matte grey juxtaposed with the sage greens of the valley floor. The colors and contrasts were phenomenal. It was a lush as that part of the country can get, yet I could feel the haunt of arrid, scrub land not far off. By October the whole landscape will be myriad shades of straw and brown.
I think this is what I remember most, the monochromatic winters, either all white or brown.

Below is our good friend Kari 20 years later! Three of us, myself, Kari and Scott, graduated from Buena Vista High School and managed to travel, find happiness, move back to Colorado and start families.

If we knew then what we know now...

We would have been even more reckless! We would know we survived into adulthood and that would have made us dangerous.

Our camera was on the wrong setting but I kind of like the effect.
*woodies are woodland events where excessive underage drinking and other illegal activities occur under the cloak of night and moonlight!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Deco How Divine!

Fabulous medicine cab, don't you think?

They say I might enjoy these...
They are correct.

Ok kids we're hoping across the pond today for some Euro, British mostly, design delights. An acrylic camper- you saw it here first!

My friend G.W. found a really fun little quiz on mydeco to test your style.
What I love most about it is the totally pictoral way in which the test is given. Apparently I am an "action station" they also add that my style is highly masculine. The results?
I think the got the bedroom and the dining room correct but the other stuff not so much... it's fun to take though, it makes you think about what style impulses you might have...