Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brilliant, No Lie

Design Warehouse
in Santa Fe is a kooky little shop with with gems like these! The Pinocchio tape measure reminds me of the first tile job I went to "measure." It was about 10 years ago and, truth be told, I didn't know how to gauge 3/8 from 7/8 to save my life...I failed miserably- but learned a few things in the process. I figured out when I was getting in over my head and needed proper back-up!

This one cracks me up. How many "brilliant" designs, poems, concepts have I written on a napkin? Too many.
It's kind of like dreams, so amazing in the twilight before really awaking ... you scramble for a pen, write furiously, then upon later reading you realize it was actually kind of lame.

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