Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favorite Finds...every sha-lal-la-la , every whoa...

Cb2 has some of the best and most affordable accessories. These balls are down right delightful.

This darling decal below can be found on an etsy shop called Sha Nickers. I have looked at lots of decals. The fact that these aren't mass produced is very appealing. It's going to be a secret which one I order---the big reveal will be coming in a few weeks. The before and after will be muy, muy dramatico!

Just bought this waste bin for my lil' officina. And where do you think I stumbled upon it? Overstock of course- where I just blew a wad-ina on office furniture! I found some really brilliant pieces and actually saved a fortune. I'll do a little collage tomorrow-to give you a sneak peak.

I need to write the company-I peddle their wares like I'm getting paid!

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