Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie in da hood?

I realize I'm not the first to scoop this quaint little news items, but did I have to hear it on NPR's Morning Edition first?

I was stupefied and motionless as I gulped down every detail I heard over the radio this morning while I tried to get ready. Barbie is getting a life size dream house...designed but that wacky Jonathan Adler! He's no "one trick pony", that's for sure.

Plates at the Barbie restaurant.

J. A. 's sketch of Barbie's bedroom.

Mr. Quirky himself. Remember this presidential post? Well here is his interpretation.
But my favorite pic of him is here sporting his big guns! My husband used to swear by this pose in high school. One simply presses the back of the bicep to allow for maximum camera exposure to Mr. muscle. It increases percieved volume by...massive stud units. AWWWWW so cute!
Anyone remember the story David Sedaris tells of arranging his mothers cigarettes into a beautiful star shape on the coffee table? It reminds me of this mirror. I have a friend who, by mistake, painted a room "barbie tan beige"...all she needs is this little gem and she'll be set.

When I heard there was a chandelier made of blond hair I scoured then net trying to find it...please let me know if anyone has seen it or has photo links! Hair chandelier, now ya just don't hear that everyday!

Babs, Sweet Pea, honey girl, the same pair over and over? I'm worried. ( You'd think the chandelier would have caused a red flag...)I had no idea that among your many titles and roles you were also the spokesperson for obsessive/compulsive disorders...I mean really, variety is the spice of life my friend. Branch out a little.
I wonder if it was all those old Barbie shoes I chewed on as a kid that finally turned her...maybe she knew...hmmm.
Consider removing just 1 article...a silver pouf, perchance?
All kidding aside, I really am a fan of the toy. I think I utilized some of my more creative hours as a kid designing Barbie houses. It was like I had pink goggles, every time I saw something like a plastic creamer container, I'd think to myself....Barbie needs a set of these for her kitchen. Or my dad would bring home strange wood scraps from construction sites and I'd find a way to wrap them in fabric to make furniture. I loved dressing, her, doing her hair...I don't think she scarred me at all....twitch, twitch.


drollgirl said...

THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! where is my life-sized dream house for free?!?!?!??!?!?! i am whining. not fair. but cool post.

Awesome Sara said...

Hi there! thanks for following my blog! I looked around and I really very much like your blog! Awesome pics! especially this home, geez, i want it, i want it bad. I would kill for it.

Anonymous said...

[twitching right there along with ya, KB!]

OH, that rack of shoes. My dream--but of course they'd have to be in different styles.

I was heavily Barbie-fied as a kid. Barbie Town House. Barbie Winnebago. Barbie Corvette. Barbie Jeep. Mod blow-up furniture to go in said Town House. Barbie horse. Barbie Stage, in which you crammed Barbie's poor little feet into a clamp of sorts, then used a little remote control to move her through the shimmery stage curtain and onto the stage. My preferred music was always something ABBA. Usually I'd begin a good Barbie show with "Dancing Queen." Phew. One Christmas, early in my Barbie obsession, Santa brought me a new Barbie. In attempting to get her into her Jeep, or Corvette, or onto her horse, who remembers, my sweet father accidentally broke off one of her legs. Seeing the look of instant, abject horror bordering on an episode of about-to-cry-until-I-graduate-high school, Dad assured me it would all be okay. He raced to his workshop in the garage and emerged minutes later, quite pleased with himself. "Here you go," he said, "She's back to new." Except "back to new" looked like this: Barbie now had a half-inch bolt through her hips, fastened by a screw the size of one of her boobs. I was like, "Are you kidding", but even at that age I loved my dad beyond repair and I accepted the "like new" Barbie and brought her into the fold of the other Barbies, where it was announced that she had suffered a terrible accident and had needed extensive orthopedic surgery. I kept that Barbie for years. I wish I still had her, because she represented the fact that my Dad would do just about anything to make me smile. He offered to buy me a new doll the day after Christmas but I declined. A Barbie with a bolt--I mean, which other girl on the street had something so unique?

Anyway, GREAT post! We all have our Barbie stories...twitch twitch. God bless her.

kadler said...

That's hilarious. I actually did my own version of what I thought a modern-day barbie dream house would look like. It's less pouffy than this, but just as pink. Thanks for sharing!

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

What?! I missed that NPR story. This Barbie house is going to be too fabulous...