Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breck or Bust Baby

Had a little Family VaCa this weekend in Beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. This town has an unbelievable treasure trove of miner's cabins and historic buildings. It's a ski town that doesn't feel completely corporate. It has a nice little vibe. The flowers and the shops are especially delightsome.

My favorite shop is, hands down, mtn modern . I had been there once before in the winter and was captivated by the name, the building- with it's great loft space, and the mad mix of "artful decor." This time I met Brian and Sierra Brooks the owners and inspiration behind the store. Brian also happens to have an etsy shop,, that highlight just some of his many creations.
I bought a plexi lamp of his making, also another great lamp which has two storage drawers within it's wooden base- so love that! I also couldn't help but purchase a "skinny strip' for all my magnetic posting needs. Lastly, I found a great design sketch pad by working class studio which was designed by their "emerging artists."
This last pic was the railing inside Mtn Modern-what can I say- whimsy and safety married, had a baby, and it was born right here in Breckenridge.

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