Wednesday, February 24, 2010

photo booth obsession mi casa

My Good friend pointed out that I have a magic little application on my mac called photo booth...ya, ya, I know I'm a late to the party!
I took a few shots of our Ridgway house in the special "sketch feature" love it!

Closeups are better- like the top photo...but still interesting to do larger frame shots...and no, those are not robots watching for intruders to come down the stairs! It's just 2 lamps and an orchid. It does prove the squint idea correct! The squint idea is my room editing tool...what stands out and what is harmonious when you look at a project through an Elmer Fudd lens. When I take portfolio shots I do this to help me rearrange a room for pics- didn't do it here though- clearly!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I might not be able to justify

40% off at NAU- I have a coat problem!
Might be a little too wintry for my Spring trip...
Maybe I'll buy it for him...I'll wear it until I find him in Florence! My husband will soooo not buy my plan...also where in the world does that fit into my "packing light" scheme.....ah decisions!
Dead sexy though, isn't it?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Small? No! Clean and Efficient Powder Rooms

Someone asked me just the other day if her tiny powder room could look bigger, cleaner, brighter and more modern- all on a tight budget. I shocked her when I said she could replace and reppaint for under $800! Luckily her sweetheart is handy with a wrench!

All modern Lighting has some amazing sales! This little gem is around 100 smackers!

Several space saving sinks like this waterfall number below can be spotted for under $500 This one is under $300! Overstock, naturally!

"I call this the Of Course You Can" Can! $346.59!! Unbelievable!! This type of bargain makes my heart palpitate!!
Love the multifunction with the "imperfection spotter" built into the mirror! Overstock for under $50! I also suggested "Seacliff Green" by Benjamin Moore!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Felt the need to share

Honestly, truly inspirational design comes when you see an item and think to yourself either 1. I should have thought of that! or 2. I could totally make that!
My daughter would love a very earthy, natural, woodland like bedroom. this would satisfy my zen craving and her "back to the sticks" look perfectly. Now to construct the bed in a tree scheme!

VivaTerra - Felted Wool Stones

VivaTerra - Convertible 3-Way Dress/Skirt

This will be perfect for my European excursion! I am planning on packing lighter that I have ever gone before!!! I will avoid the hippy dippy necklace though! If you are under 30 it's sassy and quirky but then I think long beads start to look like something you hang your bifocals I off base on this?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vintage do! denver design

This particular day started with perfect little Dutch babies and good, strong French Press coffee at my fave...Beatrice and Woodsley!

ahh perfect patina!

Sometimes the most rustic things look so modern...this was in a Beaver creek hallway... I love the lines, and how specific it is!
I wish I could remember the name of this particular shop on antique Row! Great placement, clean modern stuff thrown in with the vintage!
Another "do" a rare shot of moi...I think blue is rather becoming. Halloween hi jinx of course.
Latest and greatest acquisition! Love The Black Tulip in Denver!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Before and After Arena


This riding arena and stables-what a fun project to build! I did zip, zero, zilch in terms of Design. It was all Bridger Construction Services via BridgerHill!

Beautiful door crafted by local artisan Scott Rikkers at Coal Creek Studios

Wednesday, February 3, 2010