Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Leggo my Logo

Several months ago I noticed a new shop going in at the Wright Opera House in Ouray. Based soley on the handcarved sign, it was sure to be one of my favorites. Michelle Poirer, the shopkeeper, has an amazing sense of style and whimsy. I have found gifts for my daughter's teachers, mother's day gifts, items for my office, and treasures for the a tiny porcelain dish. It has a tiny tooth image on the top and then you open the lid to reveal a delicate little fairy wand image. Precious, and I'm not usually one for precious. It got me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So many click-ables! For legibility click on the photo....for a great article, click on the Title: ARTS BEAT.
I am on the board of Ouray County Performing Arts Guild..this is my latest pet project. It is going to be a really amazing night.
3 other sites to check out:

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Modern Craft

The following is quoted directly from a really fantastic blog called Modern Craft

Friday, May 23

I cannot say enough about this London-based design company. Their Leather Collection (floor covering shown above) was one of the most interesting things I saw at this year's ICFF. Using salvaged vintage leather belts, they've created this beautiful, glossy, hard-wearing surface which is available in 12x12 squares for roughly $88 (US). Bergdorf Goodman selected TING's flooring to show on their Men Store Window and Third Floor exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of ICFF. No wonder-- this is a fantastic idea that they've executed beautifully. The result is an interesting high-end floor covering (but you could use it for restaurant menu covers, wallets, purses, etc) that really impressed me. Thanks Inghua!

Yak, Not Just For Cashmere Anymore...

This is from the creators
of Zig and Zoe

A modern alphabet canvas created by a mother and daughter duo and sold on

Western Cashmere

Recently, among friends, the subject of yaks came up- I know I know, common theme, but I mentioned that I had seen some in a field near my house. I shook my head and mumbled something about how truly rural I had become. Without blinking my friend Deidra turned to Laurie and said, "Speaking of Yaks, did you get my goat info.?"

According to

1.6 Yak
1.6.1 Introduction to the Yak
Yak hair is regarded by some as being an acceptable alternative to cashmere, although it is not produced in commercial quantities.

Hmmm... who knew?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life in the sticks

...not so bad when catalogs like this find their way to my mailbox. I lent my copy to a friend at lunch last week. We dog-eared every other page, clucked and sighed over coffee tables and ladder chairs- for the love! It's a good thing the waitress broke it up- it was getting a little steamy.

Not to fret, Wisteria is available online. It's a fantastic site filled with odd little treasures, industrial do-dads and a penchant for the peculiar.

My only complaint is their shipping costs..ahh life in the sticks.

Safari Without The Guilt

At this price your living room will be the talk of the watering hole. is really a great find for the cost-conscious, bargain finders among us.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Green Built

This is a Colorado Built Green Home we recently finished. It is located in a most charming neighborhood:
634 River Park Drive in Ridgway, Colorado.
The listing agent is Floyd Magee. through Remax Cimarron.
We had a 5+ star rating on Energy Star.
It proves that green can be beautiful, sleek, modern and also warm and inviting.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Family Tree

This photo was taken in my hometown of Buena Vista, Colorado. (You may be surprised by it's pronunciation-some refer to it as "puny Buenie") If you're nervous, simply call it B.V. and no one will stone you- at least for that specific infraction.

My husband and I climbed this tree as kids. So here it is, years later, our little girl climbing the exact same one- father and daughter out on a limb.

Design note: silhouettes of trees and skies may be wildly popular these days, however, they might just stand the test of time if we reinvent them slightly. I need to take this image and subtract the positive space -could be interesting...

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Santa Fe Sculpture

There is nothing quite like the light in Santa Fe.It's crisp and intense.The Folk Art Museum is extraordinary. Posted by Picasa

Natural World

There is something so zen about snow, and rock in the least that's what I tell myself in order to stay on the safe side of crazy.
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flowers and foliage

Lovely, Stylish ladies looking for artfully composed flora.
My friend Ethan helping to plant herbs and flowers for the Mosaic Community Project fundraiser.
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Great Doors

Dunton Hotsprings

Elegantly Rustic

Oxymoron? No.

Modern Antique

Ornately Simple