Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the blue corner: Craftman the Red we have Mighty Mountain Modern

I love finding Custom metal artists like these metal smiths at Archive Designs. I ask myself sometimes, where do the craftsman style and modern style start and end? I often find that one leads to the other in both wood working and metal. This gorgeous copper fireplace surround is decidedly modern but it is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement. It has the Asian, nature inspired motif often found in A&C, and yet, it is simplified and relatively streamlined along the edges.
I think both styles are a rebellion or at least a stand against over ornamentation, i.e. the Victorian excess and the fussy nouveau style. They are often bold, and linear, often function before form, and often they dominate any other styles in a room. hmm interesting to ponder... Yes, I'm a design nerd.
Do you agree, disagree- the part about modern vs. Craftsmen- not about the nerd part. I am certifiable in that department.
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Now that's a tub! I think both of these pieces would be beautiful in any large mountain home. Good thing I never have to choose one over the other!

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