Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wintry days, Cornerstone progress and favorite finds!

Our custom Cornerstone job is progressing well!
I know these have been featured in a dozen and a half places...but I still love them, especially the camel and beet colors! The men's are sold out-#$%^&! Echo touch gloves let you actually answer your iphone without juggling your purse, your purchases and your hold on your not having to rip my gloves off with my teeth when I hear my iphone ring....ahhh modern day problems!
It has been cold and icy here...gorgeous though. Yesterday we got a break from the cold and had a great 1/2 day of skiing! Fresh snow and warmish temps before heading to the Nutcracker at the Palm. My daughter played a Chinese dancer and a soldier. She was fierce in battle, all 50 lbs. of her!
...ahhh life is good!
A friend of mine with her sweet outlaw pup..we took him in a verboten spot...naughty!
Fresh finds at Home Office furniture Depot. They featured this little blog so I took a look and found these gems.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Delicious Denver design

Beatrice And Woodsley my new favorite spot in Denver. It's on Broadway...without much in the way of signage...but when you enter you have to rub your eyes for a minute to take in the wonder! It is enchanted! Big beautiful aspens up-lit with low mood light, beautiful wispy white cloth enclosing each booth. Then the fun begins! The bar is anchored with vintage chain saws, the exposed lathe and plaster wall have the appearance of a heavily frosted layer cake. Lanterns hang from above, the front room is adorned with small pot bellied stoves(which, frankly, I resembled by the time I waddled outside after a huge breakfast!)

The Bathroom and wash area are delightfully fun! Over scale walls, handles, water trickling down a fine chain to the wash, fun, fun.

The food is ridiculously good and the French press coffee, rich and strong. I had a cocktail on my first visit...divine!
The made to order hollandaise sauce is hidden in the jewel case of pastry!

This was a fine claffouti, the best I have ever tasted!
Loved these lamps at the hotel!
Sanctuary is a great home store on the Platte. If you are down there (between the Bohemian Paris on the Platte coffee house and REI) make sure to go to Savory Spice shop and chocolates!
I was a kid in a candy store in Scribbles stationary store. The paper ribbon light killed me!
As did the script on the floor.
Scribbles is located a little closer to REI...can't wit to go back!