Monday, July 7, 2008

Ring Ring KB Design Stage calling...

To the right you will notice a beautifully rendered calling card, although not my own, I happen to think it is extremely shnazzy-therefore...
I am proud as peas, pleased as punch, absolutely poppin' with pleasure to get my new business cards!
I ordered them a few weeks ago...and let me just say, I had a pretty tall order too.
I wanted letter press, black and white, had to have thick cotton paper and an original design.- Oh, and they couldn't cost a fortune!
Low and behold The Mandate Press was there to grant me my wish!
I chose the the "artist" style and then gave them the following information:

Kierstin Bridger
164-N Society Drive Telluride, Colorado 81435

Well, you dear reader are in for a treat. The Mandate Press is so hip, so good to the people that they've set up a coupon code in their online store for you. Simply enter the code "kbreader" at checkout and you will get $10. off. Very nice, wouldn't you say?

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