Monday, January 26, 2009

Base desires, perfect banquette seating

Banquette table bases are as varied as table designs in general. The interior above by Frank Roop
is a play on the trumpet style base.
I have a client who will be installing a banquette dining table. She will have the typical built in seat in the back and several chairs in the front and at the head of the table. It may not be immediately clear to everyone but certain considerations apply when choosing the perfect table to create comfortable banquette seating.

This Hicks glass top table works beautifully for banquet seating. It's ridiculously affordable and allows adequate clearance to swing one's legs underneath. The proper table base is key to the "scootching" in factor. The worse thing in the world is to bump your knee on a table leg like the modern farm table below -ouch! (Also by West Elm.)

Another beautiful table but painfully wrong for banquette seating arrangements. This one needs to float in a room.
I really love the base on this cocktail table and don't see why the gravity defying base would work for a larger scale dining table. It also has that modern rustic, nature inspired, clean design that delights the shazam out of me!
Branch designed by Ruth Livingston
This very architectural number would also work for knee swiveling action!

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Base desires- so funny!
this article makes sense. I never thought about it before.