Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eco of snow and wild things

I found a new favorite: Laura Spector Rustic Designs.

This table is the perfect combination of earthiness and minimalism, as is the lamp below.

Some of her creations are a bit "Where the Wild Things Are" a movie I adored...haunting and so emotional, phew. I bought the sound track just so I could mope around the house and pretend I was a misunderstood wild boy instead of a misunderstood blogger!

I'd love her railings in a guest house or beach house...where they would magically never be dusty.

dreamy, and a bit Goldsworthy, yes?

I love this little Montessori plant maker from For SMALL HANDS. It's precious. No glue, no tape, no muss, no fuss! Just stips of paper and this handy little device and voila! I may get it for all the Wild things on my christmas list, including myself!

Just thought I'd include this wild house we built a few years ago in Norwood. (Cue the brown landscapes from the movie the fall and spring can be a bit dry) Winter snow brings a magical touch does it not? It's all solar! Traditional, yet green, love it!