Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bath Room Remodel mini-spa!

Hello John! This gives the best close-up shot of these oh-so not professionally photographed pics. I used 12x 12 on the diagonal on the floor, and brick set on the walls. Note the classic may not be modern but it's clean!

This is the only detail shot I have of the travertine border and chair rail. The chair rail came in 12 inch lengths which is awesome usually. The challenge in this room was that most of the walls in the house have a radius so we had to cut them to make the seemed silly the have 12 inch in some areas and 4 inch in others so needless to say, the tile saw was hummin'!

During the remodel...the client wanted something, bright, light and classic for their basement level guest bath. I chose a light travetine. Only 4 inch tiles would make the radius of 2 shower walls and the main wall so I used a combo of 12x12s and these. The result was texture and the ability to change wall color and accessories down the road. FLEXIBILITY!

The shampoo niche, the shower floor, and the and area below the shower head are basket weave travertine mosaic....classic and delightful. Most shower pans have to be 3inches or smaller to make the proper drain slope. I have spec'ed 4 inches in larger pans...but only because I was trying to match an existing tile.
I chose blue to give it that watery spa like feel...and to coordinate fabric in the bedroom.
Unfortunately you can't see the cute little bun feet hiding under this cabinet I designed with the cabinet maker Jan Jensen. Counter is travertine slab with a classic ogee profile.
I call this the courtesy shelf- great for shaving legs! The mock window wall behind the toilet is all 12x 12s because of the way the glass shower door met the wall it seemed like the best aesthetic answer. the rest of the walls asked for wainscoting, and I said yes.
By the way, I call it a "mock window" because it lets in natural light through the adjoining bedroom.

Side note--I know I have been away for some time now, and I have 1,00 reasons and excuses...I 'll be posting weekly now rather than daily for a while...we'll see how it goes!
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drollgirl said...

hey! welcome back, and i am glad you are alive. ;)

Unknown said...

Fantastic transformation.My husband and I did this in our apartment. Thanks for stoping on my blog.Yours is nice.

Anonymous said...

Your bathroom looks great. We have almost same color tile in ours. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Awesome Sara said...

where the hell has ur ass been??? i emailed u thinking u died or something!!! welcome back honey!!

please sir said...

Wow looks wonderful!


Beautiful bath! Love the tile and overall shower area. so clean and stylish..... And that little shelf just barely elevated above the shower floor....It's kind unexpected . . . that's the"leg riser," so to speak? cheers, -susan