Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the blue corner: Craftman the Red we have Mighty Mountain Modern

I love finding Custom metal artists like these metal smiths at Archive Designs. I ask myself sometimes, where do the craftsman style and modern style start and end? I often find that one leads to the other in both wood working and metal. This gorgeous copper fireplace surround is decidedly modern but it is reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement. It has the Asian, nature inspired motif often found in A&C, and yet, it is simplified and relatively streamlined along the edges.
I think both styles are a rebellion or at least a stand against over ornamentation, i.e. the Victorian excess and the fussy nouveau style. They are often bold, and linear, often function before form, and often they dominate any other styles in a room. hmm interesting to ponder... Yes, I'm a design nerd.
Do you agree, disagree- the part about modern vs. Craftsmen- not about the nerd part. I am certifiable in that department.
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Now that's a tub! I think both of these pieces would be beautiful in any large mountain home. Good thing I never have to choose one over the other!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mid Century Modern Kate and Oscar

The 1969 Oscars- mostly mid century modern.
Perhaps I am one of the few but I kind of liked the over the top Oscars this year, the staging, the singing and dancing Hugh, the glam of old Hollywood, the silliness of the opening props, even the grand "we take ourselves so very seriously" emergence of past Oscar winners to pass on the torch to the new best actresses and actors. I think the excruciating moments are as much fun as the best and worst gowns, the crazy speeches and the suspense. I never miss it.

I have been cheering for her all season!! The reader was stunning! I became so obsessed that I read the book the day after seeing the movie.

2.Definitely not!
3. YES to Diane!!
4. A bravery award to Ms. Beyonce...but I guess if I liked it I shoulda put a ring on it.

1.Nice Kate!
2.Meryl your almost 60 not 160, let's find you something a little peppier, a little more flattering next year , shall we?
3.Does your stylist hate you, my sweet pale friend?
4. And Finally, YES!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I wish...lofty goals

On our wish list:
A Loft bed for the girlie girl in our casa.
The PB teen stylist may have gotten a little carried away here! The concept is good though.

Too cute, I mean that in a bad way.

This Affordable Ikea badboy

might be just the trick! Her room may not be the most modern room in our house but it has been very functional for her and her pet turtle for 3 years now.

She is growing out of her toddler bed and talking more and more about these loft beds.

I'd paint it white, add some curtains on the bottom and ta- dahhhh. A loft bed for under $400!

I thought this was hysterical... and oh so apt in my neck of the woods. It's called the "I wish we had an Ikea dish towel" by skinnylaminx.

The artist lives in South Africa. After mooning over an Ikea catalog she was inspired to create a new pattern for her textiles. Bloody brilliant!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend spectacular: Great Gives, and Life in O. C.

Crow and Canary has a great give this week! She has some cute questions about your 1st album, Cd, cassette etc. Does it date me that my first music was 8 track? Ummmm maybe I was retro before my time.
Perhaps I should consider a give...let me know if there is would be something design-y!

So does Stacie !

She has some fun gives from great Etsy designers like Persnickety Home Designs. They are based right here in Colorado too!

In Ouray we have friends who post the most delightful pics....for a little taste of life in the O.C. (Ouray County, Colorado that is.)
I bring you...
Craig's blog

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red, hot desire ....ok maybe not HOT but cozy!

Made by Hank
So adorable...all your girlfriends need one! even ones who pretend to not like purses (you know who you are M.O.) and carry "essentials bags" and "messenger bags" instead of the real thing.

Even librarians like cute clutches.

High and Low: Start savin' for those therapy bills

Cradle or a grave?
It's a flippin' card board Box, for the love of Pete! Perhaps a "greener" option would be a dresser drawer like the old days!
Clever, sure but maybe better for a doll, not a real baby...what if the dog ate it? It says it's flame resistant but....come on.

Now this is a cradle for real nightmares! Poor Baby!
An original 1922 Bauhaus treasure, to be sure. Not only does it cost an arm and a leg, but it's scary! I think I'd rather use it for newspaper recycling. Give it to her as an art investment -it's no slumber sanctuary.

Call me a spoiled American but perhaps this a better choice.

Belly up to the bar... but don't forget about your back!

I'm always on the hunt for comfortable modern bar stools. I mean really, who wants to be perched up there with out any kind of spinal support? Mama always told me not to slouch!
The reason I love the wooden number above is because it seems like such a great transitional piece. Asian inspired, clean would look good in a mountain setting, contemporary, minimalist-even a commercial setting. Affordable too. I found it at my new fave, modern furniture.

I found this one there too. Form and function, how about that? It has both a foot rest and back support. The chrome makes it a little more edgy but in certain conditions this could be a real winner. I'm thinking, game rooms, modern kitchens, condos for its small-scale size.

I have this little darling. I bought 4 of them on Overstock
several years ago for a SONG! I think the back support is there, however minimal...
I loved the mahogany on top with the chrome base, still do!
Just wanted to mention Rocky Mountain Hardware. I appreciate their dedication to green design practices. We use them for door handles and pulls but I just realized they do tile and sinks as well! Good to know! Love their very substantial , earthy, and weighty stuff, perfect for some of our more rugged mountain style abodes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When mimimalist goes bad...and what to do when it does

I like to call this look, "prison cell chic"....I think the company refers to it as Zen something. It needs a charming color behind it...maybe sparkling mosaic tile, or beautiful wood planking.

Another example of punitive design. Do you remember that ornery kid at school, the one the teacher had to install a tri-folder (or Knightrider Trapper Keeper) on his desk so he wouldn't "bother his neighbors?" That's all I see when I look at that desk fencing...
I think the concept is light and airy but the effect seems a little "when bad billy grows up". Perhaps it just needs less than minimalist neighbors...although I can really see an acrylic ghost chair really enjoying it self paired with this desk.
I had a client that needed an office staged in a tiny balcony level area , perhaps a lime green laptop and a silver slinky cascading to the floor would bring out the fun....who knows...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Country Contemporary

I'm so mad at myself for not bringing my camera! I was touring this adorable Telluride home yesterday and fell in love with the color creme like I've never seen it before. The day was a bit drab and gray outside, but inside this house the walls sang with the most luscious shade of creme! It practically glowed. the ceilings has unadorned angles- gorgeous!
I wish the quality of the photos were better. Love the banquet though, no? It would comfortably seat 6 and 8 in a pinch.
I'm not usually a fan of this but the juxtaposition of the barn doors on tracks, the clutter free atmosphere, lack of fussy architectural door and ceiling moldings sold me!

Tiny yellow/gold mosaic, farm house sink, walnut floors, gorgeous cabs....mmmm, mmm, mmm.

Love the paneling on the ceiling. There was also recessed lighting that made that room glow-y and instantly comfortable. You can't tell but the chaise has light blue ticking covering it- it brought down the formality of the line- nice!

This shot doesn't do it justice but the alcoves on the side of the bed, camouflage the alarm clock, water glass, paper back books etc. I didn't notice the dust ruffle yesterday...If it still exists, I'd loose it- but that's about it.
It's a rental so you might be able to stay!

Cabin Fever!

The warming hut at Top of the Pines was the scene of much fun at this weekend's Cabin Fever Days! It was a bit blustery but we had a good time with kids and families. Cross country ski races, scavenger hunts, orienteering lessons, and even some snow shoeing!
More shots to come if they are any good.
Deb phoning a friend?
Donated stuffed animals for the scavenger hunt.
Warming up with hot chocolate.
Bird seed and wild flower packets tied in bundles for MCP's big ideas...plant the seed of a big idea.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White House White Dog

Here are 2 renditions of new "looks" for the oval office. Fun, right? I love the Eames chair pictured below. A little modern or mid-century modern might be a nice touch.

On an entirely different note...
This is reason #5,456 why we don't have a dog. I think poodles are smart, and they don't shed. Big pluses in my book. My darling husband is afraid I would do this to a poodle if we ever had one...he's right. Come on though, what's a poodle with out a little pouf? Unfortunately the standard white poodle eye goo is a deal breaker for me...even if Scott were to let me emasculate FIFI.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Constructing the view

My family and I decided to run out to one of our new residential construction sites this weekend. I had a great time playing with an old point and shoot camera. Sophia found plenty of things to keep herself busy as well.
shhhhhh....don't tell child labor!
I love a tall old stand of aspen in what ever season..they are particulary heartbreaking in the dead of winter, no?
wispy clouds above sharp trusses- a study in contrasts!
Framed view of the Cimarrons-love it! This home is being built in Cornerstone. It is a beautiful old ranch and mountain golf community. The views are stunning in all seasons as well. I hiked there this summer, dined at their amazing clubhouse, and watched as homes have begun to appear. The architectural standards are high and the dedication to preserving the land, air and water are really admirable. We're hoping most of the new houses choose a "green built" philosophy and "highly energy efficient" build practices.
Scott loves the golf course which is designed to contour and highlight the lanscape and views as opposed to looking like a golf course was simply plunked down on the side of a mountain. And hey- it is rated top new private golf course in the country. We're really proud of the project- I'll update as I can.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Cornerstone, construction, and cutie pies!

The older an aspen, the more character!

She's so excited!

The solid engineering on this job will ensure it's serious life span!

My cutie pies!
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Valentine's Day Advice

This eco-friendly gift from Velocity might say, "You light up my life!"

Saw it first on Notcot

these send an entirely different message. 7 deadly sins glasses say "We all want to celebrate with a little naughty and a little nice... however...

you may want to stick with this...or...
perhaps you may want to convey a message about the security and bliss you maintain with domestic and affordable design....

HOWEVER...My advice to the fork:
Love her well or the dish might run away with the spoon!
Rustic salad servers by Horne