Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the web

Remember my post about Erie Basin? Well Russell, the creative genius behind it all was recently a guest blogger on Design Sponge. He had this to say:

I’ve always liked old mirrors. Over time the silvered surface on the backside of
the glass begins to fade, bubble, crumble, and blacken leaving the mirror
functionless, but beautiful. The pictures here are of a recent acquisition: a
large, ornate framed mirror from the 1840s. The mirror itself has the most
incredible surface I’ve ever seen. There’s barely any clarity in the reflection,
but I can’t think of anything I’d rather have mounted in a frame.

I find these shots to be really haunting and mysterious. The second photo reminds me of a finger print...or an embedded code that looks like a finger print...hmmm

I have a fondness for silvered mirrors but I think these close-ups will remind me to take a closer look into their unique and ghostly patterns.

I also love what Russell has to say about "antiquing in the modern world. " What's better than smart juxtoposition between the old and the new I say.

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