Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leapin' Liepke, I love it!

As some of you know, my favorite restaurant in Telluride is Cosmo...I have fixated on a Liepke painting in their dining room for several years...well, lucky me! Telluride Gallery of Fine Art had a fantastic exhibit tonight of his latest oils. While some of his colors are somber, which frankly, I am always drawn to...his vivid colors really captured my eye. Juicy limes, peacock blues, fushia and red oozed seduction. His subject matter illuminates the beauty of poetic limbs, and dewy skinned youth. Although sometimes older women strike tragic poses...each painting seems to throb with emotion. It was hard to walk away.
The paintings take your breath away but after you manage to break your gaze you notice the fine modern framing. A bold and thick silver leaf that made me wish I had inquired about where to find it!


Will Cook for Shoes said...

I, too, LOVE this artist!!!!!!! Thanks for posting! xo PS: And, Cosmo is the best in T/ride, agreed.

Unknown said...

a for real oil painter for a change! :) awesome

kb said...

He uses artificial lighting to illuminate his subjects and then paints from the photo: the result...very odd skin tones...odd but cool!