Monday, May 11, 2009

Come Sale away!

I think violet might be going out of biz...which is alittle sad but, in order to cheer you up, they have announced a 40% off sale. Gotta love this decomissioned sail boat sail bag!
The magic code for the sale is: wow509 Tea for two anyone?

A steal $60 marked from $100 They call these cuties "designated cases...for everything you would have otherwise had to rifle through your carry-on luggage for, like ipod, iphone, valium...

My little person made me the cutest chalkboard vase for Mother's Day! I got breakfast in bed too...she was so proud of herself!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Al Fresco Finds: High and Low

Spring has truly arrived in the San Juan Mountains. There is still snow on the mountain tops but in towns like Ouray, Ridgway and Telluride, it's downright balmy. My little one is getting all her sundresses out, we're wiping the cobwebs from our flipflops and frowning at the weeds that are undermining the once beautiful landscaping. The aspens are budding, the grass is green, and the sky is BLUE!
This is my pick for patio dining perfection...It not too large, it's clean and simple and comfortable. It's $1499 but think of all the friends that you could get around the table-priceless!
LOW! What else would you expect from IKEA? The corner chair starts at $120 with a $40 white cushion and the simple is $90 with a $20 cushion. Form and function, you know how much I enjoy that!!


starting at $455! Almost 3 times as expensive as Ikea's version! Nice weave though!

I really like this 7 piece set. It looks so comfortable...I can imagine lingering over dinner, throwing back sangrias and laughing into the night. I think it would work well for a variety of styles too, classic, contemporary, Mountain Home, Mediteranean.

For the space age, modern, highly practical, minimalists! In the winter it doubles as sculpture. High for sure, around 2k

Sexy! How Southbeach. If it's just the two of you, in your cozy little loft with the perfectly manageable terrace...this cutie is a space saver. Double my espresso please!
I would lounge here and finish a whole novel, all it needs is a cabana boy and maybe a catheder...ew did I just say that? My point is, I wouldn't want to get up for anything!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your Design chops:Green carpeting

Design Chops people, not lamb chops! sheesh!

I've been doing a little research on wool's so soft, so luxe, so GREEN! It can be pricey but it's hard to's an investment. Sure there are nylon facsimiles but real wool will make your other samples look and feel baaaaaaad. Bad pun, sorry.
The only drawbacks apparently are that Dyson vacuums are NOT reccomended...they cause fuzzing. The suction and wheels are too intense...oh and it can create a little static in dry climates. But, hey, if your bare feet are in heaven , who cares about your hair-do, right? I guess you can only answer this for yourself. BAAAAAAAAAAd hair day? Again, sorry.
This shot from Woolshire, shows the more traditional side of wool carpeting, but I have to grin when I see the bedding they chose to spotlight here. I spec'd this about 5 years ago to go in a really traditional bedroom. I still kind of like the teal and brown combo. I used a suede Ralph Lauren paint in the same teal for the bottom of the wainscoting, and put a more gloden hue on the top...dark brown trim, a wrought iorn head board...I'll see if If can dig up a pic...

ahhhh New Zealand.

Love these from Modern Rugs...100% wool darling! They even have sales!

Triple green! Eco+2 shades of in the wool...sweet.

This could go Asian, modern, transitional, mountain, contemporary...

Remind anyone of Rothko?

What a moody landscape, no?

Futuristic? We think the kids are doing some wacky texting these days...perhaps these are an indication of the future heiroglyphics we'll find on our phone screens...It's an abbrivated novel actually, the climax is shocking, no?

Wow! I thought it was just renewable/sustainable and natural. Mint jelly washes out in a snap too!