Saturday, October 23, 2010

Santa Fe inspiration!

We came down to buy a Prius!!! Can not justify the big Bridger truck driving from Telluride to Montrose on nice days! The gas savings is going to be over $300 a month!
While we're here we are enjoying the Farmer's market, contemporary art museums, New Mexican cuisine and the local colors and flavor!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Loghill Special

As  you drive by our new office in Ridgway, we have new  photos on display. This was a project we did in Log Hill. The views were stunning.
We still have people asking us if the office is our home or if it houses any of our project managers. The answer is no. Short of putting a neon open sign in, I'm not sure how to make it look any more commercial. A new fence goes in soon...perhaps that will help!







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1st house in Mountain Village!

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From: Scott Bridger <>
Date: October 22, 2010 12:22:10 AM MDT
Subject: 1st house in Mountain Village!

We've done lots of remodels in Telluride and Mountain Village but this will be our first custom home!

Scott Bridger
Bridger Construction Services
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Over the Moon for Lunafest

Lunafest was recently at Ah Haa. Loved all the short films!  Some were animated, some were documentaries other mini- dramas- all really compelling and discussion sparking! If I had to only pick 3 faves They would be Miracle Lady, Touch, and Thembi's Diary. They were marked by black humor and great design, realistic and efficient dialog and lastly a very artistic rendering a human resilience and tragedy.
MMMm love good film!
It was also a treat to have the audience composed of women aged 10- 80 ish... some granola, some stylish... :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Don't cry for me Argentinia...I'll be there soon! If I'm not in Belgium...

Restoration Hardware now has a stunning and substantial Belgian Furniture collection, and as much as it would be tempting to buy everything for a space at that store, alas, a home must have more soul.

Belgium and Argentina may not be sisters but I believe they may be distant design cousins. I am a little obsessed with Argentina lately, can you tell? It will be our next BIG vacation destination...big country though- which area to choose? I digress...

In the meantime, I am very interested in fusing my new obsession into old obsessions...Belgiantina-this will be the big 2011 style fusion, I see it now! Look out Axel Vervdoordt!

Loving these last four items from architectural artifacts...all Argentinian, by the by! The two faux bois bird houses slay me! The color, patina, playfulness, scale...pure sculpture!

Mid century modern Argentina meet pickled oak Belgian style. I think adding chrome, mirrors, mercury glass candlesticks, pops of purple and red ensure that the Belgian aesthetic doesn't get stogy. Burst of whimsy, baby!

So- in a bedroom this highly reflective lamp base would mirror the surface it would sit upon...ideally a very visibly grained antique table...the following Argentinian bent wood table might do the trick in a small space but a much larger room an old trestle wood library table would thrill me with juxtapositional delight! I'm sure I could find something, if not at a country auction, at Restoration Hardware for sure! I hear there is a Colorado outlet in Castlewood, hmmmmm!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cornerstone Cozy

Makes ya want to invite a few friends over and sit down to a
Big plate of grilled lamb chops and haricot vert... Or is it just me?
Casual, chic, comfortable the big C's!
Photo styling dream!
One of Bridger Construction's most fun projects!
(see below for architect and designer info.)

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Photo shoot fun!

This gorgeous home in Cornerstone was a blast to photo style... I had so much to work with... The designer ( Ronnberg Associates from Denver) and architect (Russel Geiss) did an amazing job creating a very modern yet comfortable and cozy house.
Loved the photographer too-
Bridger Construction built this solid, house...made all the plans come to life! Lucky us!
This is just a little taste of the photos shot yesterday!

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