Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wonders of the West and Walking Words

Driving to Telluride 5 days a week is a pleasure. Right now, watching the leaves change, wondering if there will be a dusting of snow waiting on the mountains, gliding up the aspen laced highway, it gives me time to breathe and reflect. Ahhhh

Dallas Divide can be treacherous but on most days it is spectacular.
Every year I attend Walking Words, usually with a gaggle of girlfriends.
It is put on Telluride Writers Guild. It's a progressive dinner with poets, fiction, and non-fiction writer's and great food. It is one of my favorite events!
This year Stewart Warren is the featured poet.
I am positively giddy.
I really love his stuff. He's a Colorado writer who I have had the pleasure of meeting several times. He can always be counted on for a fresh and unique perspective. His images are grounded in the grit of the small western towns we both know and love, all the while elevating rural life into universal truth and beauty in a mad poetic pop.

Reading "Raw" from Second Light sends a soul pang that is an addictive ache...I wanted more.
"Swarm" also from Second Light left a particular mark as well.
In Shape of a Hill "The color of flags" haunts me like my own western childhood. It's a love letter to life with out a trace of sentimentality. How does he do that?

This was the depot before Ah haa (and other's- like restaurants)
began using it as an arts center.
Stewart and the other writer's will teach workshops here on Saturday.

The Ah Haa building now.

In an email from my friend and former Walking Words coordinator Rosemerry Trommer:
October 10 & 11
Walking Words
Telluride, Colorado
Hungry? Walking Words feeds both your tummy and your creative spirit. The annual event begins with a progressive literary dinner from 6 to 9 p.m. on Friday, October 10. The evening features appetizers, entrée and dessert at three restaurants, each served with a reading of either poetry, non-fiction or fiction. This year's featured writers are poet Stewart Warren, non-fiction writer Greer Cheser and fiction writer Tekla Miller . A cash bar is available at all three locations. Cost for the evening, including tax and tip, is $50. Only 32 seats are available, and the event sells out every year.

Saturday, October 11, is devoted to short workshops in poetry, non-fiction and fiction held at the Ah Haa School in the old Depot. Each workshop costs $20 and is limited to 12 people. From 9 to 11:30 a.m. will be a fiction workshop. From 12:30 to 3 p.m. will be a poetry workshop, and from 3:30 to 6 p.m. will be a nonfiction workshop. No materials (except pen and paper) or previous writing experience are necessary. Books by the authors will be available for sale at all events.

To register for this weekend’s events, call the Ah Haa School at 970-728-3886. For more information, contact Writers Guild Director Amy Cannon at 970-728-6467. This program is made possible, in part, by a grant from CCAASE.

Amy CannonDirector, Telluride Writers Guild335 West Galena AveP.O. Box 4015Telluride, CO 81435(970)728-6467

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