Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I didn't get

A friend just had a baby so I was looking around the web for a great baby gift. I found some pretty cute stuff at Modern Seed, but these amazing kid's chairs weren't in the budget. I am, however, thinking about them for my little modster. Is that bad?

These photos are great and in spite of what I'm about to say about the play house, I really do like this store.

She's the dreamer, he's the rage against the machinist, and she's just dopey cute!

If you don't have a big refrigerator or dishwasher coming to a kitchen near you, you could just order this box- marketing a box is stupid, smart. You may feel like a total nitwit buying this little $50 playhouse or just incredibly flush. Perhaps you want your little darling to have a white playhouse for her brilliant scribbles and and embellishments rather than a brown shipping box, well your more parent than I! Silly me, I have senselessly and cruelly been helping la nina create her dream homes with a steak knife and markers, when I could have pre-ordered this one with already cut-out windows and doors. Call me old-fashioned I guess.
Really, what's next, pre-assembled gingerbread houses? AHHHH the humanity.

What the description said,

Make it a Playhouse

A house is a house, and this one is white, until you design
and decorate its exterior!With windows, doors and a letterbox you will surely
make it your home in no time. Meant to be painted and decorated.
Easy-to-assemble for hours of play. Easy-to-store: it folds down flat in its
box. 18 months +5% of profits to UNICEF

Easy to store, hmm, comes in it's own box? At least it benefits Unicef!

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