Sunday, September 14, 2008

Books, Bargains, Borders, & Bevin-Bless you.

If you are watching Entourage- The grey wall in Ari's office is actually darker than it appears here. I have been obsessed by that color juxtaposed with the bright red artwork for 2 seasons now. Perhaps it worked on me subconsciously...and I felt inspired to paint my office dark grey.

I haven't posted a pic yet-until today- showing my big silver wheel. It's 4 feet tall. Reminds me to keep the wheels turning in the old cabeza.

I would love to park my self here at a really great bookstore. By the way, why do so many bookstores have cats? I am allergic, for the love of Pete!

Don't get me wrong, I love the earthy, chunky independent bookstores like The Tattered Cover in Denver. We had Elliott Bay Books in Seattle which was nice- it had the grungier almost industrial stank of Pioneer Square (let's just say you wouldn't want to let your baby crawl around on floor there and don't even think about retrieving prodigal Rolos if ya-know-what-I-mean.) I heard some really great authors read from there.

The antithesis to these old hippie havens can't be the corporate stores like Barnes and Nobles or Borders, can they? Isn't there something for the modern junky? Less suburban, less torn.

What about a clean, shiny, modern bookstore with chairs like these (above), and mid century chaises with fantastic lamps and great art intermingling with the books- some sorted by - gasp- color. Maureen are you shocked and terrified?

You should be! If I were in charge of a big library or bookstore make-over, I'd partner with Dr. Seuss.

In some rooms I'd throw the whole Dewey decimal system right out the door! "But how would you know where to find a certain books?" You quiver.

Some books aren't meant to be hunted down with such rigid ferocity, some books were meant to be stumbled on...ya. That's right.

Fresh flowers too. Every Tuesday and Friday...and while we're at it... the kids section would be lively and FULL OF NOISE!. The doors would be sound proof of course, with private isolation rooms for the studious.

Crisp and Bright like Ari's office!

Now to link the Mydeco chair biz...

Love this bowl I found the lady below, the bowl, and the wine rack on Atesanti ooooo through the mydeco site. They are having a 20% off sale right now- run your little fingers over the keyboard and SAVE, my darlings, SAVE!

Bakbak Mini Necklace Dummy- No I'm not calling anyone names- this is what this woven jewelry holding woman is called!

So cute and very versitile for all kinds of design styles- doncha think? Tuscan, Spanish, Modern, industrial, contemporary. I think my friend Pam would even like it in her French/Victorian house.


Anonymous said...

Books by color, you say? What about by height, spine width, number of pages? I mean, if you're going to go that far . . .

Kierstin Bridger said...

Yes, yes!
Brilliant idea Library lady!