Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wetterhorn Hike

Went camping in the Cimarrons this weekend. My friend Steph and I also climbed to the Wetterhorn pass-12 miles ( round-trip) of exhilarating, breathtaking, sometimes grueling hiking! We met some bow hunters who were in sorry shape. Two of them were green due to altitude sickness. We felt like amazon women as they marveled at our strength and pace. True we have acclimated and have been doing these hikes all summer but still there was a slight swelling of pride.
I especially loved the lone tree near the base of the peak. Isn't that what the Celts refer to as thin spaces? I'm a sucker for cairns and remote mountain basins. Time with family and friends- so needed.

I'm clearly no Andrew Goldsworthy but I had so much fun snapping these shots of ice crystals. the 1st weekend of Sept, the wildflowers are still gorgeous and it is COLD in them thar hills!

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