Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Going solo, wah! I mean yahoo?

Today was the big day!
I sent my little girl to school full-time, 5 days a week for the first time ever. She was thrilled. I am in mourning a little bit. Excited but chasing my tail...
Instead of getting right down to business I went strolling down main street with my mom, who was here for moral support. She knew I'd need a hand to hold on this emotional day of apron string cutting.
We stopped by one of my all-time favorite galleries. Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. Nothing like inspiration art work to take my mind off things...
This first artist, photographer Jerry Uelsmann also had a great article published in Shutterbug. His web page is fantastic.

The last 3 images are form the very talented Kristin Lora. She is a gifted creature indeed. Her imagination is surely working overtime. There is a little Mad Men quality too, no? Mad Men spun on it's head with a tongue-in-cheek artist's metal-smithing capabilities.

What baby wouln't love this? I'm a big baby, so yes please!

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