Friday, September 12, 2008

Ask Kb Fridays: Divide and Conquer

Helen is a long time friend from way, way back. She has a problem. No, not the drinking. She has a beautiful new home office she is sharing with her husband. She also has a toddler that she needs to keep an eye on while he naps. She just wants everyone to be happy. Her large sun-lit basement is the site of the multi-purpose room. It is large and bright which she loves- her concern? She wants to preserve the light, and the airiness of her space but create visible boundaries and work-zones. Worried that her growing child will be as accident prone as she, the thought of folding screens scares her.
Tipsy, so very tipsy.

Dear undivided and undecided:
The above shelf by Modadode is contemporary, solid, multi -functional, and handsome. Put kid -friendly items near the bottom, fragile finds up top.
Now for the beloved High and low options:

Affordable fun- and Nobody's gonna get hurt! From Accent Furniture direct
You can pretend your Jane Goodall, hiding in the bush, while the monkeys play.

Piasa Room Divider
The stunning form of this screen comes from the simplicity
of its materials: just wood and cotton rope. Shown here in beech wood at a length
of 3 meters, other lengths – and woods – are available.
price: Starting at: $6,040.00
Spendy! Gorgeous though! For this price you might consider funneling all guests first through the basement and then on upstairs. First impressions and all that...
From Branch

Here are 2 more beautiful options for dear hardworking Helen:

Design Public vitra algue
I love how gossamer these appear. A design solution for so many spaces! Just hook them together and voila!You could grow vines on these! Hang a laundered nappy, display a vintage jacket, obscure your messy work-area (gasp!) Not you Helen.

simply throw some heavy encyclopedias at the bottom (who needs 'em now with all the wikipedia fanciness!) and it would be sturdy, erudite, and functional! Top shelf!
Via DesignSpotter
Hanging fabric is also a good choice. Ikea has some great wire options.
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Anonymous said...

This is BRILLIANT advice!! I particularly like the red web-like divider. Spectacular! And, the idea of re-routing guests through the basement to see the beautiful wood divider is indeed a hilarious prospect!