Friday, September 5, 2008

Great legs, but who ya gonna marry?

We'll call Fridays "Ask KB" days. So send in your design queries!
Today I met a man desperately seeking PBST (perfect bed side table) He had no more than 19-20 inches on either side of his bed. I'm no matchmaker but I think I found a few prospects...

Dear Table-less in Telluride,
This one (the hotty above) may not be right for you- a "one night stand" if you will. She can change herself to fit your needs but honestly, will she really fit in? Room and Board says:

"The clean lines and natural steel base of our Amery tables are perfectly complemented by any of our top materials. Create a grouping of two or three for an eye-catching aesthetic that offers extra functionality. The possibilities are almost endless."

Are we talking possibilities or are we looking for something serious?

She's pretty but maybe a little too square?17.75"sq.x18"High

Perhaps... the 2 drawer Creighton. She has very pleasing measurements: 20.1" high, 19" wide, 17" deep

I think she'd be smart with contemporary, Asian or even mission furniture. A truly versatile and transitional piece. Slap some lipstick on her and she'd be the perfect date.

This one might be the one! The 3 drawer "Coventry" has a great color, contemporary styling, form, function- This is the one you bring home to Mama.

Her numbers: 28 high, 17 wide and 21 deep. I hear wedding bells!

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Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ok, girl, I am laughin' my Ass off!

You just made my day...granted, a day filled with a couple of strong Pomegarani-tinis....with friends after a particularly heavy duty Yoga class (no...I'm not kidding. Oy). But am lovin' yer voice!

Plus, DH grew up in Colarada(no spelling mishap. That's how I have heard his family pronounce it) Ten is also tin, BTW.

We lived in Evergreen/Morrison for a wonderful while (DS3 was born there...and he is Oh so proud of it!) I sooo miss the west.... we plan on getting back out day.

Anyways.....thanks for visiting. Had fun reading your posts!