Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Violet the Bag Lady

Last Christmas I gave these to 3 very different ladies on my list and all three of them have loved them! They were 5 different black and white patterns but now I see Violet is doing them in these very hip colors! Perhaps I need to find three more bag ladies!

Violet.com is the fabulous little website where I found these amazing bags.
Honestly, I have seen more than one bag boy's eyes bug out when he sees me whip out my five, count 'em 5, little bitty rolled up bags from my ever-so lady like purse. WHAM, when I unfurl their glorious copiousness and stuff in 2 weeks worth of groceries those boys have been known to light up with awe and amazement! Chic, eco and shocking- what more do you want?

I love these cups even thought they are sporting a big 'ol girly heart on them. The best part is that they are listed under the category "29 Again" This, I can relate to!
Simple, elegant, black and white! Letter Press too!

These sexy little "indelible nature sets" really need to grace my next party! They would be the perfect party guests, eco- friendly, maybe a bit stiff but fun to talk about...

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jae said...

Hi Kierstin,
The bags are great...I'm forever forgetting mine in the car! Thanks for visiting my blog, however, I don't have any plates....?