Friday, August 8, 2008

She's getting philosophical, just Peachy!

Rosemerry has a beautiful orchard! New Leaf Orchard, what a great name! We picked gorgeous peaches, held a new born and enjoyed the heavy promise of rain in the air.
There is something about neatly lined fruit tree rows that I find mesmerizing. Bugs? Split seed? Simply throw the unwanted fruit on the ground, it just melts back into the earth. I can't get that image out of my mind. That and the pheromone cloud that hovers above the trees, confusing the overly amorous invader much happening in one little area.
There is also an old train stop where, years ago, every orchard had it's own freight stop. I can imagine a woman, maybe fifty years ago, hanging towels on the clothesline looking up, making sure her children were still playing hide n' go seek in the rows. Safe from the train. She's waving at the familiar railroad men, their arms just outside the box car nodding to go ahead to the next stop...The place seems so steeped in history, not just of past farmers, but also it is where the the Gunnison river cuts through, gouging out a deep cleft in the desert, leaving a fertile green belt on either side of rugged, steep cliffs.
I suppose mega- composition can translate into the micro-compositions of our homes, offices and public spaces, if we pay attention to what works. What creates longing, what ties us to a space, what elements of contrast and harmony must exist to enliven and intrigue us. Hmmmm...

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