Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Deco How Divine!

Fabulous medicine cab, don't you think?

They say I might enjoy these...
They are correct.

Ok kids we're hoping across the pond today for some Euro, British mostly, design delights. An acrylic camper- you saw it here first!

My friend G.W. found a really fun little quiz on mydeco to test your style.
What I love most about it is the totally pictoral way in which the test is given. Apparently I am an "action station" they also add that my style is highly masculine. The results?
I think the got the bedroom and the dining room correct but the other stuff not so much... it's fun to take though, it makes you think about what style impulses you might have...


Anonymous said...

British? how will we get our hands on all this great stuff?
What is the pound doing these days or is it the Euro?
When I took the test it said I am a chic urban romantic- what?

Kierstin Bridger said...

The dollar grows ever stronger my dear peg. where there is a will there is a way!