Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few of my favorite things...


It's haying time in Ouray County. Love it- although my Claritin intake has doubled!
Tried out a new camera and soon destroyed had great features but broke like a cheap Mc Donaldland toy.
Scott and I got to take a little hike around Telluride on Sunday- We rarely ever go together just the two of us. He was patient with my arnica shopping and flower and fauna photography, he even patiently endured my rose-hip collecting. Aah Romance! We ended the day at my favorite restaurant, Cosmopolitan.

What could be more inspiring than all the bounties of late summer, flowers and vegetables from our Farmer's market, stunning mountain views, good-old country roads and the love of your family?

As a true modern girl, who loves the rural life I think that hay in a patterned field is amazingly edgy. One of these days, I will take that perfect hay field shot- by gum!
More hiking today- the mushroom class we signed up for had scheduling challenges so today it's hiking, lunch, and christening the new office with my fabulous girlfriends!

Chanpagne at lunch-why not?

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