Friday, August 15, 2008

Extra Extra! Read all about it! Funny Bone Found in Perfectly Roasted Game Hen

From her blog!

Alexis (what ever with the drag queen make-up)

Tiffany "bars" oh, if only.

I have been a Martha fan for years. I actually have an archive of her mags going back to 1995. And in true Martha form they are displayed in magazine holders and in order from month. (OK most of them) Back off! I use them for research and reference.

Martha is a superhero. Let's face it, her blood is redder than the average American. She is amazing and has built a huge multimedia extravaganza. She was born working class and rose to financial feats that stagger the imagination. She may not be madly modern but she is original. She is an icon! I realize not everyone shares this opinion.
Even her beloved daughter rolls her eyes occasionally. Hence, "Whatever Martha" was born. The NY Times wrote a fabulous article about vintage Martha Stewart Living shows being rebroadcast with snarky, funny, witty commentary made by her daughter Alexis and friend. Martha approves. SHE HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR PEOPLE! It has been my mission for the past 13 years to defend that dame, and by Zeus I will continue! Aah it's exhausting- the prison stint almost sent me over the edge. I should have sent her cake with a Tiffany file baked in!

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