Monday, August 4, 2008

Domo in Denver

Our friend Nick recently wrote an article about great hidden gems in Denver. Domo restaurant

was on his big on his list. He told me about it months ago but I finally let it seep in my skull this last time ...better late than never I guess.

If you go to the web site be sure to click on the brushstrokes header so you can learn- in-depth - why there is a special place reserved in hell for soy sauce-aholics. I shudder to think of a time when I - zen forbid- left floating sushi rice in my soy sauce bowl- Let's just hope chef wasn't there to witness it- poor man he's seen a lot of evil culinary deeds in his day.

The place was so much fun- and ridiculously affordable. Usually Scott and I spend a considerable and obscene chunk of change (in what should be in Sophia's education fund) on dining when we get a night on the town alone- but this was prices. What a concept. Truth is, I loved the rustic country feel, the family style portions, the decor, the gardens, the DELICIOUS food, but I kept trying to imagine it done "upscale" with menus in beautiful Japanese paper, bound with bamboo... but the charm is in it's casual touches, the fresh mint at the thresh hold, the crazy signage- born out of millions of crazy and annoying patron request no doubt and even the "well worn" restrooms and tables.

The adjoining museum was fascinating as well.
Can't wait to take Sophia!

Bottom shot: Denver was hot and sticky but the lovely gardens of Domo, with their signature saki style mojitos, refreshed and enlivened us. Believe me that cocktail was the only 'fusion" on the menu. The rest was rural Japan in its true rustic and hearty splendor.

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