Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wonders

This ice picture cracks me up! Sophia's school has quite a rink starting to grow in the front of the building...perhaps this could be a new recess activity! Found the photo here.

Modern Rustic at it's best!

I recieved an email today about a Valentine's getaway package at one of my favorite spots on the planet! Dunton Hotsprings is a remote and luxurious hide away.
I wrote my first blog post about our trip there.
It is a ridiculously stunning spot with fantastic dinners, a facsinating and romantic library and scenery that astounds and delights. I can't even begin to express how it made us feel to be the only guests there during a particular snowy weekend. We toured every cabin and soaked in the old school hotsprings tub (back in the day it was an outlaw hide-out...first bank robbers and then hippies and bikers.) We were able to go because some clients and friends decided we needed to...I am eternally grateful!
We did some snow shoeing then but now that I have my nordic skiis.... oh the fun we would have...

A summer view

This wall treatment is so great...the critter on the wall I could do without...

This last shot is called the Well House. The copper word...priceless.

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