Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Felt the Light! I heard the eco*

Great price, great design! 2Modern is having a fantastic sample sale right now! Have I told you lately how much I love a good bargain?
Felt lighting people! On sale could do these MIO capsules for a while and then pass them on if grow tired of them... or you could buy more and cluster them for a really amazing effect.
My only issue- and it's a minor one, is that they are hung by a white cord. White cords can be clean, modern, whimsical; but more often than not, they look like college or post college home furnishings (obviously cheap). Can you believe I'm complaining at this price though? I mean HONESTLY!

I've saved the best for last. As all of the above these are eco products! Go green...or am I not allowed to say that in '09? Green is still good but I think the buzz word police have banned the term and are opting for simply "sustainable."
The Hightower Gallery Stool is truly brilliant. I'd love to have four. I'd drag them in and outside, stack them like sculpture and even let sticky hands touch them...nothing a quick swipe of zen cleaner can't fix!
Pretty aren't they?


Anonymous said...

I ordered some of the prints.Than kyou!

Anonymous said...

Truly cool. Those benches and others on the site are perfect for nonprofits.

please sir said...

I love a good bargain too and those pillows!