Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BEST of 2008! Brilliance in Water and Fire!


Best inspiration for sure! Fire features These two photos truly warm my little heart. Sculptural, Goldsworthiesque, and brilliant.

Best Bath

I love this tub. I have one more like the one pictured below. The problem is, without some sort of traction I could easily slide into next week. It's beautiful, modern, deep, but by the time I fill it with enough water I am so bloody buoyant, I find it hard to relax.

Best faucet. This is fantastic. It's perfect for odd spaces, small spaces and it says "low profile" and "modern" without making a big statement...let's let your back splash or appliances do that...

Best high: Target's 75% off Christmas clearance. I found some steals!

Best Miniseries: HBO's mini series John Adams. It was riveting. I learned a lot too. Laura Linney is an amazing actress. They did her make-up perfectly- usually none. It mde it feel so authentic- real flushes of cheeks, a complexion with, gasp, flaws.

More best tomorrow!

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