Friday, January 30, 2009

Mad about Revolutionary Road

If you love'll love Revolutionary Road.
And the glorious Winslet defines what makes an actress great, blazing commitment
to a character and the range to make every nuance felt. Winslet's last scene, as
April prepares breakfast for a husband who can't see the torment behind her
smile, is emotionally devastating. This movie takes a piece out of you.
From: Rolling Stone

I held my breath for more than a few scenes in this movie. Nothing like a hard, intense, emotionally charged movie to make me think about it for days....and not just about all the set details like the perfectly ordinary bohemian blue plates in all the kitchen scenes, or the way she peels potatoes on the very cluttered kitchen table, or the kitschy items on Millie's make-up was the raw emotions, the relationships between the couples, the link between the novel and the arch of the story that really impressed me. The plot details are interesting for their place in history...but the dynamics between people and family life are startlingly timeless.

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Maris said...

I read the book and thought it a little slow, to be honest. I've heard the movie was MUCH better.