Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Time to set aside those childish things..."

This blog is about inspiration. Everyone who creates needs images, words and relationships that feed the imagination.
Today is such a powerful day. Our new president Barrack Obama delivered a speech that I will not ever forget. I find our president to be a most inspiring leader, not because of what he says but because of his deep humility, maturity, sense of duty, integrity and honor. In his inaugural speech today he quoted wise men of the the past, invoked a sense of obligation in our citizens and above all inspired those of us who want our nation to heal, thrive and become true to it's word to do exactly that in our actions everyday.

I am a well of pride for our county right now. Never before have I wanted to hang an American flag in front of my home. I bought one on the day he was elected. I feel it sends a message of hope that all are created equal and our country can become a beacon again of goodwill, safe harbor, and security.

I can see "Courthouse" peak from the Cimarron Mountain Range outside my back door. It is truly a symbol of "purple mountain majesty."

The photos of my little one and her best friend remind me not just of our freedom here in the west but of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream. Today at Sophia's school the staff showed images of African American children being escorted to school during desegregation accompanied by soldiers. At the end of the slide show Sasha and Malia were shown being escorted by security as well. Times have changed. Thank goodness!
No matter your political beliefs, I wish all my readers a happy, and peaceful journey.
The time is now for us all to show civility and compassion. Collaboration often brings about the most interesting new creations!

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