Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Best...of 2009!

I can't do it anymore...we're moving on to 2009!
Best Travel Article:
The New York Times ran a really great travel article about one of my all time favorite Japanese novels! The Tale of Genji. I love it not only for the story but for the history. The Lady Murasaki, who wrote the first novel in her own invented written language, is a true inspiration.

I been yearning to go to Japan lately...I love reading the adventures of David Sedaris in this wildly intriguing country. I also read the whole of Anthony Bourdain's hilarious Kitchen Confidential during the holidays (Finally! I'd only read excepts before.) Near the end of the book he discovers the exotic culinary pleasures of Japan. He wrote in a way that made me crave fish and noodles for breakfast....

Best Radio Showof all time: This American Life

Best facial expressions! My kiddo!

Best new idea: I finally added the subscibe to this website feature!! AHHHH still learning so much. AlsoI accidentally wiped out my last favorite blogs I'm slowly adding them back.

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