Monday, June 16, 2008

Wind be damned!

Several years ago we traveled hundreds of miles to the nearest big blue Swedish store, spent a zillion hours shopping for a home office, two brand new homes, and a friend who collects organizational paraphernalia. I was there long enough to eat not just breakfast but lunch and a snack at the cafeteria.

My poor husband tried loading the trailer we had brought for the occasion while gale force winds almost blew his flat bed cart into the next state.

The rest of us stood at a big window and shook our heads in sympathy. Comic, yet sweet...poor guy. It was like a silent movie- palm trees were whipping in the wind, magazine holders were flying off the cart, his brow furrowed...aah memories.

It was at this particular discount design mecca that I bought a similar napkin holder . Simple enough concept. I thought it would be perfect for casual dining al fresco. Back home, my girlfriends were not only green with envy, they were vocally indignant that I didn't pick one up for them. Who knew it would be such a hot commodity?

Too bad...since they are all married, I guess I can't save this beautiful number from Lunares for wedding gifts.

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