Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sex and The City...secrets

Mid-way through the completely over-the-top, label oozing movie Carrie is offered breakfast in bed. My very savvy design friend Pam leans over and whispers "Eva Zeisel." I nod at the pretty pot nestled on the screen's serving tray. Then it happens...the teapot is switched! 3 times- for the love of Pete. As the scene cuts away to a reverse shot, the pot is different. I think this is so funny I laugh out- loud. Unfortunately, the scene is not a comic one. It is often referred to as a "tender moment." I should get out more.

I have been collecting her gorgeous wares for many years. Part of me was a little disappointed Crate and Barrel launched one of her lines. Too mass market I whined...she's special. It's hard to keep a good thing secret.

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