Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bring Them Back!

Yes, I collect these cute little throw-backs. Some call them snack sets, some call them hostess sets. I call them delightful. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, brands, etc. but what makes them perfect is their cost. I can usually score a box of 4 for $4-$5 at most any thrift store, yard sale, or consignment shop.

It's true, you can find modern cup and dessert plate combos but the brilliant price of these makes them irresistible. I recently amassed 78 of them for Arts Beat. My mother sent out a call 6 years ago for all her lady friends to bring her 40 or so to supply my petite baby shower.

Besides baby showers and events what possible other purpose might they have you ask? Well book club for instance, playgroup, board meetings, dessert buffets (I just gained 5 pounds writing that) neighborhood progressive dinners. Anytime you need to have a beverage and a plate of food and only have one hand to hold it. So clever.

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