Monday, June 23, 2008

Pondering Periwinkle, Maybe Mango

Last night, while having dinner with friends, my dear friend Michelle showed me a sample of a color she was considering for her office.

OK -I'll admit, I had stolen away to gaze dreamily at her design bulletin board when I noticed some very vibrant paint chip cards sitting on the bench below. I picked them up and immediately began dissecting the shades and planning (in my head) which room should be dressed in each particular shade...I'm obsessed.

Well wouldn't you know....Today I picked up my latest Metropolitan Home- which has been one of my favorite design magazine since I can remember. Low and behold-I spotted this. In the bottom photo, which though I would not classify as modern, is decidedly in the the color family that Michelle has chosen for her office. There is also a mango wall highlighted in the first shot that her husband would enjoy.

It gives me a little thrill to see the colors people pick, the shades they are drawn to...I have a tendency to pick earth tones and vibrant greens, charcoals and pure whites. I love having jolts to enliven my sense of's refreshing.

Inspiration is often not just about what speaks to you, but about listening when others let you in on what speaks to them.

The Road to Morocco
The meditation room was painted
periwinkle (
Pratt & Lambert's Autumn
Crocus) and furnished with a Balinese-inspired custom
upholstered in Travers & Company's reflective Odessa.
Photographer: Grey

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