Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leapin' Lupine We've Got a Hiker!

We attempted a Dallas Trail Hike today-the road is very near Ralph Lauren's Double R Ranch. The views are truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, storm clouds moved in and lighting began to cackle so we jogged back down to the safety of our vehicle. All the while Sophia was assuring her American Doll Nikki that it was OK to be scared but not OK to scream. "All it does is just hurt her ears,"-(meaning me.)

Ahhh... it's sinking in!

Earlier, on the way up the trail, she collected wildflowers and stuck them all over her Dad. she's getting to be a really good hiker- appreciating the sticks, flowers and the meadows, the trees and the bones we find...

In terms of design, I never fail to be impressed by the colors, the light, and the textures found in the natural world. I started a little photo project...but am waiting until my good camera is fixed to really get going.

Meanwhile it was just nice to out in a quiet place with my family.
Post Script:
Wooooooo just googled AG doll. Wish I'd had the foresight to buy an extra doll last Christmas. Those puppies are going for a pretty penny now.

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