Saturday, June 14, 2008

John Wayne ambles over to Scandanavia...

Classic before and after shots from several years ago at a spec home we did in Cobble Creek. I found the corbels on the fireplace at a great little place called Old Home Highlights. They have since moved from Ridgway to Montrose, Colorado. I think they are at least 100 yrs old. One of our project managers was horrified when i told heim we weren't going to redo them. I wanted them as weathered and distressedd as I found them- minus a cob web or two.
The lamps, desks, rug, large pottery and some of the prints were from Tiffany Etc.
I was trying to cater to a specific demographic- didn't want to scare anyone by being too modern. The couch and chaise are Ikea. This was truly my first attempt at blending modern and western styles. It was a great learning experience.

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