Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guilty pleasures...and a glutton for punishment?

I love, love, love to curl up on a Sunday morning and read the New York Times cover to cover, love it. This morning I didn't finish the whole thing. I didn't get to the magazine, the travel section, or the entire book review- I never open the sports, simply glancing at the front and back cover usually tell me all I could possibly want to know. I already "fear the Turtle" and understand refs refuse to see Duke's travelin' dear husband fills me in on this sweet meat of sports trivia. Oh ya, I am also aware the Broncos might be losing one of their most celebrated to another team. Whatever, I think I met my sporto quota of the decade.

The following articles gave me a little smooch of satisfaction and little kiss of curiosity this mornin'... beginning with an articles on the "snuggie." I sure could use one to wear while I read my favorite paper! The first time I saw the ad on late night TV I was full of shame and secret desire to own one...but I promised not to buy things on the phone after the quad- blade disappointment and the mini-sewing machine fiasco.
Side note: the "cold heat glue" guns may not be cold but they really do glue quite nicely...just fyi.

My favorite little guilty pleasure is always the Modern Love column. You never know who the author of these short, and usually bitter sweet, essays will be...sometimes famous, sometimes not so much. I am usually as attracted to the graphic as to the story itself. This graphic was online only. The paper version was very different and a bit sad. Jane Alison was featured today with her haunting tale about parents and their reckless and sometime selfish behavior and the children who are often caught in the wake. It reminded me a little of a book called blackbird whose author I can't recall.
As I admitted, I didn't get to read the whole N.Y. Times book Review only a chaaaaaarming review of a new biography on that wacky little bird Fannery O'Connor. I think She may have been celibate her whole life, which makes me shiver...but hey, the fact that I do not understand her ways may have given her a shiver too. Nah, probably not.
I have a great and sincere fondness for performance art and so when I read about this Taiwan born artist I was intrigued and moved by his nearly lifelong dedication to ideas, innovative thought, and evocative public art. He did several year long pieces. He once tied himself to another artist( 8 ft long rope) for an extended amount of time...they did this without touching each other. I'll be thinking of his patience and endurance for along time...not sure how long. I do have the attention span of a gnat I realize.

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Anonymous said...

I, too, saw that article on the Snuggie! Loved the reporter's play-by-play of how wearing it affected/didn't affect his day. I would consider one...IF they come in pink! :)

Fun post, KB!