Friday, March 27, 2009

Washington DC .... help me Nancy!

Huevos anyone? Should I drag everyone to Perry's?
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We are going to Washington DC for spring break!!! I'm embarrassed to say I have never been there before. We have so much snow right now in Telluride and Ridgway that it's hard to believe there might be cherry blossoms only a short plane ride away. I miss the dahlias, the hydrangeas, the tulips, and the cherry blossoms the most since moving from being so close to skiing/hiking/here though.

A good friend of mine who is from D.C. suggested the following itinerary. It is a fantastic spring board. Too bad we can't get tickets to do the white house egg roll on Easter! We'll be bringing my Mom who is full of fun and curiosity and our sweet 6 year old...Scott and I might go out for one fancy schmancy dinner. We'll need to see the mall lit up at night...
Here's where you come in!
Where are the modern boutiques? The great furniture places? The funky shops? I'd love to hear your "musts"! PLEASE!!!!
M.'s recommendations:
Day 1
The Mall and the Smithsonian Museums (be sure to see the Natural History Museum)Korean War Memorial/Vietnam War Memorial Tidal Basin at the Jefferson Memorial (lined by the cherry blossoms)Eat at Tenh Penh or Michel Richard's Central?

Day 2 Breakfast at Eastern Market (Saturday morning) on Capital Hill Capitol and Library of CongressNational Archives The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Day 3 Spy Museum ( at Full Key (Chinatown) or Jaleo (right by the Spy Museum)Newseum (

Day 4 Sunday drag queen brunch at Perry's in Adam's MorganNational Zoo and Dupont Circle. Don't know whether you want to see the Holocaust Museum ( Amazing, but definitely adult content.Also to fit in: shows at Folger Theater or National Theater.Neko Case (ALT country) is playing on the 9th at the 9:30 club. She's awesome. Not COUNTRY, COUNTRY, twang, twang.

This sounds like a good restaurant. Any one been?


Ann Marie said...

Hope it is a good trip. Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. Nice to meet you.

Awesome Sara said...

clearly you have never been to washington, there aren't any real shops in that state. unless you are buying american flags and lincoln logs. you got to go to pennslyvania. thats where a chunk of shops are. and you can meet the amish and their funriture rocks!!!

have a great trip! try not to go to crazy at the lincoln memorial!

casey said...

Not a great deal of shopping but Eat at Alero!!

Anonymous said...

Try seeing the lincoln memerial-it's my favorite.

drollgirl said...

sadly i don't have any dc tips since i have never been. i hear the smithsonian is super, but i don't think that is much of a secret!

Yes, you can shop in D.C. said...

To shop in D.C., you just have to head for the neighborhoods and leave the tourist district. Georgetown (Wisconsin and M) has a lot of shopping. If you hit the side streets off Wisconsin, there are several boutiques and antique stores (but you won't find deals). Georgetown Park is the walking mall (not a suburban mall with a JCP and definitely not outlet shopping). Dupont Circle has small shops off the circle and up and down Connecticut. And, of course, there's the Eastern Market (outdoor market, arts/crafts, flowers, antiques, etc.). You can stumble upon shops in almost any of the neighborhoods. Just keep your eyes peeled!