Monday, March 23, 2009

More base desire: Calvinist dining, or luxe dining?

Well look who's coming to dinner...these are whimsical yet, the trees hint to an austere modern with their stark branches. Love that Spacify.

Moving into the dining room...
This would be a buffet (very first pic) that would look great your with your mid-century modern pieces, classic, contemporary or even mixed with your traditional furniture.
I'm a little obsessed with dining tables at the moment. This would work with my furniture, the banquette base requirement, and the dark woods I so enjoy. Below is my favorite but unfortunately the legs are not going to cut it for banquette seating purposes. It would look amazing sitting in the middle of a room for a library table!! The Corsino

The Calvinist boyfriend I once brought home...Somber, probably painfully punishing for long stretches of time..... I don't know why I am draw to such this guy called Luigi. Handsome though, sigh....
I suppose if I really wanted to make a commitment I'd prefer these, below.

Mmmm cushy....the hedonist lover of chairs.
These would look great with the Corsino. Keepers!


Maria Killam said...

I really need a new dining room table. Thanks for the post. And those chairs are fabulous as well!

Anonymous said...

The straight back chair does look austere but I like the bones.

drollgirl said...

i'm all about the chairs again. jesus. they look great.